Zunari is an aspiring merchant from a far away land who has come to sell his wares on Windfall Island. He doesn't start out with much, but with your help, his stand becomes the center of attraction. You also must buy decorative objects from his shop to place around town in order to please the Joyous Volunteer Association. His store starts up once you buy the sail from him so you can ride in the King of Red Lions.

[edit] Trading Quest

In The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, Zunari needs your help to find items for him to sell. This can be done by speaking to the Goron merchants located on Mother and Child Isles, Bomb Island, and Greatfish Isle. Start out by purchasing the Town Flower from Zunari, then trade them like this:

  1. Bring the Town Flower to Mother and Child Isles to receive the Sea Flower
  2. Bring the Sea Flower to Greatfish Isle to receive the Exotic Flower
  3. Bring the Exotic Flower to Bomb Island to receive the Sickle Moon Flag
  4. Bring the Sickle Moon Flag to Greatfish Isle to receive the Fountain Idol
  5. Bring the Fountain Idol to Mother and Child Isles to receive the Big Sale Flag
  6. Bring the Big Sale Flag to Greatfish Isle to receive the Hero's Flag, then trade again to receive the Postman Statue
  7. Bring the Postman Statue to Mother and Child Isles to receive the Shop Guru Statue

Now Zunari has all the items, and to repay you for your efforts, he will give you the Magic Armor, which protects you from damage, but uses up your magic (You can do this any time past step 2). Then, you can bring the Shop Guru Statue to the Goron on Greatfish Isle to receive a Piece of Heart!

[edit] Auction House

Every night, Zunari will host an auction in the bottom story of the rich man's house. He gets new items every you come, so drop by often. The object of this minigame is to bid the most within a certain time limit. The twist is, you can't bid without filling up your bid bar first, which slowly raises naturally or quickly when you repeatedly tap the A button. Once you are ready to place a bid, select an amount of money that is still affordable, but enough to stun the other bidders momentarily, which is usually about 10-20% of the previous price. Nobody can bid while they are in shock, so try to surprise everyone a few seconds from the end so that they won't outbid you. The items (in order) are:

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