A Wizzrobe is one of the most common mini-bosses in the series. They attack with spells, and will often use their magic to reappear somewhere else in the room following this to avoid any retaliation from Link. They commonly appear dressed in robes and clothing that conceals their appearance, apart from their glowing white eyes.

[edit] The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

In Majora's Mask you first encounter one at Snowhead Temple where they guard a Boss Key and Fire Arrows respectively, and they appear as both an enemy and as a mini-boss in the title. They are tall and blue, rather unlike other Wizzrobes in the series. Some wield fire magic, while others specialise in ice magic. To defeat them, you need to get close and sword swipe/jump attack/Goron punch or use arrows, which are also quite reliable and allow you to attack at a distance. This can only be done when they are charging their attack, however, otherwise they will merely disappear to somewhere else in the room. The battle is also split into two segments, with the latter involving the appearance of illusion copies of the Wizzrobe to draw attacks away from the real Wizzrobe. The true Wizzrobe can be found by watching for which one begins to charge an attack, as the illusions cannot and will simply move around to distract Link.

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