Wing Ceremony

The Wing Ceremony is an event held in Skyloft in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword where students of the Knight Academy compete in a test of their flying skills to earn the title of Senior Class or "Knight".

The winner of the Ceremony is to receive a gift from the representative of the Goddess, with the role during the events of Skyward Sword being filled by Princess Zelda, and her chosen prize a handmade Sailcloth. Zelda expresses extreme nervousness before Link competes in the race because she wants Link to win and is concerned about his lack of training and lazy attitude towards his schooling.

During the race, Link must catch up with a yellow Loftwing and catch the statue that it has grasped in its talons. Link finds himself competing against his rival Groose and his companions Cawlin and Strich, who proceed to throw eggs at him in an attempt to stop him from retrieving the small statue.

Following his victory, Zelda presents Link with his prize atop the Statue of the Goddess, before encouraging him to jump off the large statue and test his new gift. She also expresses her happiness that it was Link who claimed victory during the ceremony.

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