Windfall Island

Windfall Island is a bustling town in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. As the center of activity, there is much to do, such as shopping, doing favors, or taking Pictographs.


[edit] Characters

[edit] Heart Pieces

See here for a list of all the heart pieces.

To begin, enter the windmill from the center of town to find Salvatore, the person who runs the Battlesquid minigame. This game is identical to the game Battleship, only you must find squid instead of ships. There are three squid: three, four, and five squares wide. You get 24 shots to find them all. By winning, you get a Piece of Heart.

Go to the auction house at night to play a bidding minigame. Zunari will have new items every time you enter, so it's a good idea to drop by occasionally. One of the items will be a piece of heart. Don't worry if you lose it to someone else; it will be there next time.

Beat The Killer Bees in a game of hide and seek to receive a Piece of Heart.

Buy 14 of any object from Zunari's shop and place them in pedestals all around town. This will please the Joyous Volunteer Association, and Sam, the man on the bench overlooking the ocean, will give you a Piece of Heart.

[edit] Treasure Charts

See here for a list of all the treasure charts.

Play the Battlesquid minigame again. Your second win nets you Treasure Chart #7, and beating the high score of 20 will reward you with Treasure Chart #23.

The auction house is also is selling two Treasure Charts, #18 and #38.

If you have the Deluxe Pictobox, talk to Kamo, the depressed man who sits on the stairs near the potion shop all day. He should ask you to find something that is pale and round, take a picture of it, and show it to him. The object he is looking for is the full moon, but it only appears on certain nights. If you haven't already, learn the Song of Passing from Tott so you can skip ahead to each night until the full moon is out. Once you have photographed the moon, present it to Kamo for Treasure Chart #31!

After rescuing your sister, Aryll, from the Forsaken Fortress, go to the second floor of the auction house and speak to Maggie's father. Give him 20 Skull Necklaces to receive Treasure Chart #2!

Go over to the potion shop and speak to Minenco. She is obsessed with her looks, and wants to see herself. Take her pictograph and show it to her. She will give you Treasure Chart #33 as thanks.

You will need to activate the windmill to access Lenzo's back entrance. First, use your Wind Waker to make the wind face Northeast, then go up the steps from near the shop (not the cafe steps) and take a sharp left turn onto the ledge. Continue along it until you find a ladder, then climb up and hit the switch to start the windmill. Go into Salvatore's building from the center of town and head up the steps. Go outside and jump onto the the windmill. When that is finished, jump over to a small balcony on the second story of Lenzo's building and step inside. Open the chests to find some Rupees and a Treasure Chart.

[edit] Additional Items

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