Veran in Oracle of Ages

The evil Sorceress of Shadows, Veran has the ability to possess others and bend them to do her will. In the beginning, Veran possesses Impa, Princess Zelda's nurse in order to get close to Nayru. Veran then possesses Nayru in order to use her power as the Oracle of Ages in order to return to the past and cast darkness over the land. In the past, she, in Nayru's body, manipulates Queen Ambi, forcing her to create the Black Tower rather than Ambi's Tower. Upon the Black Tower's completion, Veran desires to gain ultimage power in the heavens. She is the main, only, and final villain in Oracle of Ages.

[edit] Forms

Veran Sprite.gif

This is the form Veran takes control of people with. She uses this to control both Naryu and Queen Ambi.

Veran Fairy.gif

This is Veran's true form. She resembles a Fairy in a way.

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