Sometimes Remino52 can be a little curious and cocky but is sometimes easy to get along with. Under certain circumstances, Remino52 can be funny. Sometimes he can overreact about certain things. Remino52 has been a member to neoseeker for almost a year and has done a lot of things like contribute.

Competitive Gaming info

Often Remino52 is VERY competitive at times. Especially when it comes to gaming.

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl (or any other SSB)

  • Remino52 usually plays as Yoshi, Kirby, Olimar, or Ness (He used to play as Pit).
  • Gets really annoyed when he is beaten with certain happenings.
  • Loves to listen to the music that is provided by the stage.
  • Hates people who spam.
  • Hates playing people who quit.

Mario Strikers Charged

  • Hates people who spam.
  • Hates players who abuse a certain technique
  • Hates playing people who quit and/or kids younger than himself.
  • Does not lob pass.
  • Likes to use balance chars. (Team is Yoshi, Koopa, Shy Guy, and Boo.)
  • Uses smart tactics while playing as Yoshi.
  • Uses Waluigi if Yoshi is taken by another player.

Interests and Favorite Game Genres

Remino usually likes RPGs like Earthbound and the Final Fantasy series, and pokemon. Also he likes side scrollers like Metal Slug and Super Mario Bros. In some cases he like party games. Remino likes Yoshi a lot and is fond of other characters like Kirby and other mario characters. Sometimes he is interested by technology including computer graphics. Also he has a certain interest in typing and being on the computer.