Murray3, known as Murray or just Muzz by friends. Rarely will you find a member who has been on Neoseeker quite so long as this one, but even more rarely will you find one with such a low post count, but since he only came to Neoseeker to find cheats and guides at first and never entered the community, he didn't care. He is a Nintendo supporter who played his first game (Super Mario Bros 2, Super Mario All-stars) when he was 3. He would constantly try to get a Nintendo 64, renting them on several occaisions and even getting a badly damaged SNES from a cousin at one point, which would rarely run games due to its age. On his sixth birthday he got one...

Jumping to the present he owns a Wii, DS and a GBA, having sold several older consoles in the process. His biggest achievement would be his Never Ending Majora's Mask story, something he and his Neofriends have been working on for years, it is due to his commitment in the story that allowed the Majora's Mask story to still be alive today. His neofriend information can all be found on his user page.


  • Murray3's current goal is to get the top post count in the Majora's Mask forum, he's getting there but is still about 200 posts away but as the current #1 has left Neoseeker, maybe for good, he will make it, he is currently #2.
  • He is extremely random when bored, and at school he is almost always bored, leading people to get annoyed at him.
  • Founder of the Wind Waker>Twilight Princess club.
  • Leader of the soon-to-be-made Chains of Destiny Smash crew.
  • Was banned from the Brawl forum, in truth, one of his school fellows had gotten on his computer behind his back, humerously the moderator who banned him made a mistake as the post included the words 'Murray Murphy' repeated 100+ times, the moderator only noticed the 'Murray'.