Twilight Princess Heart Pieces

I started this guide a while ago but forgot about it when it was almost complete. Here is what I had, if anyone cares to edit it. I missed a couple of the pieces, fyi.

In The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, you must collect 5 heart pieces in order to create a new heart container. There are a total of 45 heart pieces in the game, which are found all over the land of Hyrule, in chests or not. Sometimes they will be in hidden in dungeons, and sometimes they are rewards for helping out the townspeople, but you needn’t worry about that, for a list of all their locations is right below!


This guide is written for the Wii version of the game, which is a mirror image of the GameCube version, so if you are playing with the GameCube version, switch east with west, and left with right (and vice versa).


Note: this list is roughly in the order that you can obtain them.

Faron Woods


Forest Temple

1. Attack a Bombling, pick it up, and drop it into the mouth of the Deku Like on the lowest area of the tall room with the wooden walkways, east of the main room. Behind where it once stood is a chest containing a piece of heart.

2. In the easternmost room, put out the torches with the Gale Boomerang to reveal a chest.

Ordon Ranch

3. Go back and talk to Fado, the rancher, and herd more goats. This time, it will be 20, instead of 10. Once you have completed the job, he will reward you with a piece of heart.

Faron Hyrule Field

4. When you enter Hyrule field from the Faron Woods, head north until you see a bridge. Then use the Gale Boomerang to retrieve a heart piece floating on top of the tree in front of it.

Kakariko Gorge

5. Enter from Faron Hyrule Field and go right. Continue along the edge of the cliff until you see a heart piece floating on a large rock in the gorge. Retrieve it with the Gale Boomerang.

Goron Mines

6. After you speak with the first Goron Elder, go up to the next floor and enter the room where you must walk on the ceiling, head right instead of left. You will end up on a ledge with a chest containing a piece of heart.

7. When you reach the room with the two Beamos (rotating towers that shoot lasers), use your Iron Boots to climb up the wall and go right. Then drop down to the ledge below and open a chest to get the heart piece.

Kakariko Village

8. If you haven’t already, buy some bombs from Barnes. Then use one on the rock in front of the Eldin Spirit Spring to open up the entrance to a cave. It will bring you to the back of the spring. Jump into the water and don the Iron Boots to sink to the bottom and open up an underwater treasure chest containing a piece of heart.

9. Above the cave you just cleared to get heart piece #8, there are some more boulders up on the cliff. Make sure you have both bombs and arrows, then go to the inventory screen, hover over the bombs, and press Z to create bomb arrows. Use them to destroy the boulders, exposing a piece of heart, which you can retrieve with your Gale Boomerang.

10. Climb up the hill behind Barnes’ shop and talk to Talo at the top of the tower. He will challenge you to a round of target practice with your bow and arrow. Hit all the targets to receive a piece of heart. Additionally, you may now purchase the Hawkeye from Malo Mart, which allows you to hit far away targets more easily.

Eldin Hyrule Field

11. Just before entering the main field area when coming from Kakariko Village, climb onto a small ledge on your left and continue along the path, using bombs or bomb arrows as necessary. From the top on the other side of the path, drop down to a lower ledge and collect your heart piece.

Hyrule Castle Town

12. After you dispel the twilight in the Lanayru province and turn back into a human, donate 1000 Rupees to the begging man just inside the east entrance of town and a heart piece will fall from the sky

Lake Hylia

13. Play Falbi’s ‘Flight by Fowl’ game near the north end of the Great Bridge of Hylia and land on one of the 2 highest platforms on the prize dock on the water. A chest containing a heart piece will be on the highest non-rotating platform.

14. In the south area on a large ledge, bomb away some rocks to open the entrance to a cave. At the end of this cave will be a piece of heart, but to get through it, you will need lots of arrows, bombs, and lantern oil.

Lakebed Temple

15. Once you have obtained the Clawshot, use it to climb up to the chandelier in the central room to find a heart piece.

16. After you have water flowing to the lower east room of the temple, go there and travel across the newly raised bridge and to a treasure chest behind a gate.

Death Mountain

17. Go to the place with the howling stone and Moblin archers and clawshot up to ledge on the east side.

Lake Hylia

18. Enter the Lanayru spirit spring and walk around either side to the back and clawshot up some vines. Enter the door at the top and light the torches to make a chest appear.

Sacred Grove

19. After you have been transformed back into a human, go back to where you fought the Skull Kid and bomb the boulder in the middle of the arena. Then turn back into a wolf and dig to find a cavern containing a heart piece and a Poe.

Eldin Hyrule Field

20. Just north of the Bridge of Eldin, clawshot up to a ledge and turn into a wolf to dig in the circle of grass, bringing you to another cavern containing a piece of heart.

Lake Hylia

21. As a wolf, talk to Plumm at the hawk grass found either near the waterfall or in front of Fyer’s cannon shop. He will ask you to play a game, and if you score more than 10,000 points, you will be rewarded with a piece of heart. The best way to win is to collect ONLY ONE type of fruit. Every time you collect another fruit of the same type, the point value will double for up to 10 times, eventually getting you hundreds and hundreds of points per fruit. This will reset if you grab piece of a different type though, so be careful. I suggest going for oranges only, as they are fairly easy to gather, yet can get you over 20,000 points if you collect them all.

Eldin Hyrule Field

22. If you haven’t already, go to Malo Mart and donate 1000 Rupees to the goron inside. The bridge connecting Eldin Hyrule Field to the western entrance of castle town will now be fixed. Talk to the goron by the bridge, and he will tell you that he would move if he had some hot spring water. Go back to Kakariko Village and speak with the goron outside of Malo Mart. He will give you a barrel of hot spring water. Bring it to the goron by the bridge by running along the edge of the cliff to avoid enemies like Leevers (those things that spin out of the ground). Toss it at him, and he will feel so energized, that he will roll back to Kakariko Village immediately to get more spring water for his business. If you wait for him, he will drop a heart piece on the bridge on his way back.

Gerudo Desert

23. After defeating the Bokoblins at their camp in the north of the main desert area and acquiring the key, you should find a pig being roasted above a fire. If you slash the pig enough times, a heart piece will pop out.

Upper Zora’s River

24. Enter the fishing place though the door on the north side and go inside the building. Talk to the lady at the counter, Hena, and pay for a boat ride. Once you are out on the water, use your fishing pole to retrieve a heart piece floating above the large rock in the middle of the pond.

Arbiter’s Grounds

25. In the main room with the 4 four lamps, there should be a chest containing a piece of heart in the northwestern area, across a pit of sand.

26. In a chest on the western side of the large room at the lowest and easternmost part of the temple.

Eldin Hyrule Field

27. Follow the path to the Lanayru Province from north of the Bridge of Eldin until you get to another small bridge. Near it, to the left, should be some spinner tracks on the wall. Get out your spinner and follow them, then at the end, turn into a wolf and dig in the circle of grass. Get the heart piece inside the cavern.

North of Hyrule Castle

28. Head up to the cliffs in the north part of the field, then start heading down the path to the east. On you left, you should see some spinner tracks running up the wall. Ride them with your spinner and keep jumping between tracks until you get to the end, where there is a chest containing a piece of heart.

Snowpeak Ruins

29. On the second floor of the first room, hit the chandeliers with the ball and chain to swing across them. Instead of going straight across though, head south to a chest with a heart piece inside. Before jumping onto the chandeliers, I suggest breaking the ice on the wall near the door where you came in. It will reveal a clawshot target so you can easily hoist yourself back up should you fall.

30. This one has probably confused almost everyone. It is in the chest on the other side of the bottomless pit on the southeast room on the first floor, near the entrance. But how to get across? There’s the thing, you don’t! Once you have access to the room above it, go there and break out your ball and chain or bombs and attack the loose floor tiles near the clawshot target on the wall. Drop down and open the chest, and then use your clawshot on that target mentioned earlier to get back up.

Snowpeak Summit

31. Go talk to Yeto at the summit and agree to race him. If you need to, you can slash your sword at him to make him slow down, but be careful, because if you touch him, you will be thrown back. Once you beat him, warp back to the top and race Yeta. She is better, so you will need to take a shortcut across the large bend. One you near the arch-like structure, jump onto a cliff to the right, or even the cliff to the left (which is harder). This will lead you to the shortcut, which Yeta also takes. Once you beat her, you will receive a piece of heart.

North of Hyrule Castle

32. Up on the lower cliff, below a golden bug, there is a large rock blocking the entrance to a cave. Bomb it, and enter. Break the ice with your ball and chain. Inside, there are three sliding block puzzles, very similar to the ones in the Snowpeak Ruins. Solve all three to reveal a chest with a heart piece inside.

Temple of Time

33. In a chest on the 5th floor in the easternmost room.

34. Once you have the Dominion Rod, go to the large room on the 3rd floor, head up the stairs, and use the spinner to get across the gap. Then enter the round area with the spinning spike wheels, and head towards the right. Pick up the small statue on your right, and then continue towards the exit opposite the side where you came from. Place it on either switch, and then go back to the entrance of the circle. Enter the even smaller circular area inside and push on the block to go down. Grab the other statue and go back up. Place it on the other switch next to the other statue and quickly run onto the platform in front of you. It will rise up and allow you enter another room, full of spiders. Clear them out, and then head up the stairs. To your left, there should be a small statue behind a fence. Use your Dominion Rod to move it down to a switch at the base of the stairs. Now grab another statue and toss it behind the fence. Do the same for this one; move it to a switch at the base of the stairs with your Dominion Rod. Once both switches have been activated, a treasure chest containing a piece of heart will appear!

35. After acquiring the Dominion Rod and leaving the dungeon, go to the right of stairs with the door that goes through time. There should be a statue of an owl. Use the Dominion Rod to move it, and behind should be a chest with a heart piece in a chest.

Bridge of Eldin

36. Once you have restored power to the Dominion Rod, go to the north side of Bridge of Eldin and use it to bring the statue to the south side. Position it between the side of the bridge and a ledge, then jump across and jump up the ladder, where you will find a chest with a piece of heart inside. There is also a Moblin archer up here, but it can be taken out from the field just south of the bridge.

Faron Woods

37. From Coro’s shack in the Faron Woods (the one who sells Lantern Oil), head northeast towards a large boulder. Bomb it to open up a small clearing, and then break out your Dominion Rod to move the owl statue into a small depression between the rock and the tree. Then transform into a wolf and stand on the rock. Use Midna to jump up, and then open the chest to claim your prize!

City in the Sky

38. Before leaving the northeast room on the 2nd floor, where you fight the Big Deku Baba and the Deku Like, shimmy across a ledge under the exit door to find a chest with a piece of heart inside.

39. In the eastern area of the 3rd floor, when using the Peahats to get back to the central building, continue left instead of straight ahead and enter the door. You will be on a previously inaccessible ledge with a heart piece in a chest.

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