Twilight Princess Bottles

  • In Ordon village, talk to the Sera, the shopkeeper. She will tell you about how her cat ran away after she scolded it for eating her fish that she had prepared for dinner. Once you have the Fishing Rod, go over too the dock near the cat and start fishing. Once you catch one, the cat will get smart and stay close to you. Catch another one, and the cat will snatch it away and run back home. Go back to Sera's shop, and she will give you a bottle with a serving of milk inside. These steps are actually necessary to buy the Slingshot and continue the game.
  • After you turn back into a human for the first time, go talk to Coro, the man in the Faron Woods. He will sell you a bottle of Lantern Oil for 100 Rupees, with the bottle included.
  • Once you have access the Upper Zora's River, go to Hena's fishing place and use your Fishing Rod to pull a bottle up out of the water in the same way you would with a fish. You need to be fishing near the No Littering sign in the small pond on the other side of the bridge, very close to the edge.
  • There will be a point in the game where you meet a man named Jovani, who lives in the house with all of the cats in front of it in Castle Town. He will ask you to collect Poe souls for him. Once you have 20, head over to his house and enter by digging under the wall near the door. When you talk to him, he will gave you a bottle of Great Fairy's Tears to thank you.

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