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[edit] General information

The Triforce is a sacred relic from The Legend of Zelda series. Also known as "The Golden Power", the three golden triangles represent the essence of the three goddesses who created Hyrule. The triforce first appeared in The Legend of Zelda and it continues to appear in the majority of games in the series. It is a main focus of the plot in The Legend of Zelda, Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons, The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages, and The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.

[edit] Origins

[edit] The Legend of Zelda

In this adventure, only the 2 peices of the Triforce are known. The Triforce of Power and the Triforce of Wisdom. As Gannon kidnaps Princess Zelda he also obtains the Triforce of Power, in a last ditch effort, Zelda has shattered the Triforce of Wisdom into 8 fragments and scattered the fragments all over Hyrule. As Link was informed by Impa about Zelda and the Triforce of Wisdom. Link braved the evil monsters that were in Hyrule and even reconnected the 8 fragments and defeated Gannon and brought the 2 Trifoces together with Zelda and gave Hyrule peace and prosperity.

[edit] Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link

Some time after the defeat of Gannon by Link. Hyrule enjoyed a realative peace. But Link was still busy trying to defeat all of Gannon's followers across Hyrule. Meanwhile, Gannon's followers were practicing rituals that would bring uneasy to Hyrule and to who are especially effected. One of the rituals has placed an endless sleeping spell on Zelda. Impa told Link that the only way to break this spell is to obtain the third triforce: the Triforce of Courage. Link sets out on his newest journey to find this third triforce. He would not only face the evil monsters and return 6 crystals to their respective palaces, but also an evil incarnation of himself to obtain the Triforce of Courage, which broke the spell on Zelda and brought peace to Hyrule once again.

[edit] The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the past

The story of the Triforce goes back many years. In this time period, wizards and shamans spoke of a sacred land that would be the home of the Triforce known as the "Hidden Golden Land", and the Triforce has the ability to grant the wishes of the very first person to discovers this relic. Because of this, many outbreaks of war happened in Hyrule as warriors and wizards alike were seeking the Triforce. Though, many people were able to venture to the Hidden Golden land, but none returned nor were they successful in their personal quest for the Triforce, soon with knowledge to the precise location to the Hidden Golden Land fading from the minds of Hyrule and the fear of not returning from the place, the land was once again hidden until it was found again by a man named Gannondorf. A feared and ruthless warlord, he rediscovered the location to the Golden Land and was able to discover the Triforce itself. With this, the Hidden Golden Land began to radiate evil power and evil monsters were suddenly appearing from this evil land. This is when the King of Hyrule called upon the Seven Sages of Hyrule to utilize their powers to create a seal that would not allow the evil power to come forth from the evil land, the quest was successful but many warriors were lost during the war between Hyrule and the Golden Land (which will be later known as Dark World). But as the Sages created their seal, many disasters began to blanket Hyrule such as Fires, floods, disease and famine. The only man to put an end to these disasters was a powerful wizard named Agahnim who would go on to be the personal advisor for the King. But it would not be long before Agahnim would show his true colors and eliminated the King and imprisoned the 7 magical maidens of Hyrule who were decendants of the sages. One of these maidens was Princess Zelda, using her telepathy she calss out for help and it reaches a warrior in training Link, who ventures out of the house after being told not to by his uncle, but as Link's uncle falls ill, he takes his sword and shield. As Link was on his quest to defeat Agahnim. He discovers that the Triforce only obays the person who discovers the relic for as long as that person lives, and by venturing both Hyrule and eventually the Dark World, he fights Gannon and defeats him. Soon thereafter, Link becomes the Triforces new master and leads Hyrule to a Golden age of prosperity.

[edit] The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

The story of the Triforce goes back to even before time began. This is when 3 goddesses Din, the goddess of power, Nayru the goddess of wisdom and Farorethe goddess of courage created Hyrule, brought law to the land and evenutally created life who would uphold the law. They would leave a relic in their wake, the Triforce. Many stories about the triforce were created by the many races around Hyrule (all true). The Hylians were told about the general information about the Triforce that it was hidden in a place known as the Sacred Realm and it would obey the person that would discover it first, and that the Triforce is like a mirror that reflects what is in the heart of its master. If good it would give Hyrule peace and prosperity, if evil Hyrule will disolve into chaos. Another story is told around the Shiekah which consists of more information about the relics and the consequences for its master who owns the relic. The Triforce is also a balancer that will reflect its master's heart. If it's master has the three forces (Power, Wisdom and Courage) in perfect balance all of the Triforce will be obtained, if not the Triforce will shatter into 3 fragments and only the fragment will remain with the master that has the force that he/she most believes in and the other 2 will go to others that were "Chosen by the Destiny of Hyrule". As the Gerudo Thief Gannondorf entered the Sacred Realm when Link pulled the Master sword from the Pedistal of Time, he obtained the Triforce, but becuase he only believed in power he only obtained the Triforce of Power, he spends the next 7 years trying to find the other 2 fragments which are in Link and Princess Zelda. Link defeated Gannondorf and ensured hyrule's peace fora long time and as he sealed Gannondorf away in the Sacred Realm by placing the Master sword in its resting place, he sets off on a new journey. But little do either Link or Zelda know is that Ganondorf is far from finished.

[edit] The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

As Link and Zelda sealed away Ganondorf in the Sacred Realm, they ensured Hyrule realative peace. But what they failed to realize that Ganondorf is not finished for good. Many years later, an evil wind began to blow across Hyrule. Ganondorf's evil has returned and ravaged most of Hyrule with both Link and Zelda abscent, the people of Hyrule could do nothing more but pray to the 3 Goddesses. As Ganondorf was about to destroy Hyrule, a deluge of rain began to fall acorss Hyrule thus turning Hyrule into the Great Sea. Soon, the memory of Hyrule would fade away but the new people would remember Link as on Outset island would grow custom to dress young boys in Green Tunics and teach them the ways of the sword and sheild just like Link the legendary hero. The young boy Link had a life on outset island until he met with a pirate named Tetra this is when the Helmaroc King kidnapped his sister Aryll. As both Link and Tetra were on their personal quests, they discover that they were decendants of the legendary heroes Link and Zelda. Tetra has the Triforce of Wisdom and Link set off to find the the 8 fragments of the Triforce of Courage. But as Link was fighting Ganondorf, the thief managed to purge both fragments from Tetra and Link and thus thought to gain the true force, but the King of Hyrule stopped him and became the new master and used the Triforce to help Tetra and Link defeat Ganondorf.

[edit] Pieces of the Triforce

[edit] Triforce of Power

This piece of the Triforce represents Din, the Goddess of Power, who is the creator of the realm where Hyrule exists. Her divine essence fills this piece with mystical power. The Triforce of Power is highly coveted by Ganondorf, who wishes to use its vast power for his own evil needs. The Triforce of Power is represented by the top triangle in the Triforce.

[edit] Triforce of Wisdom

This piece of the Triforce represents Nayru, the Goddess of Wisdom, who is the creator of the laws of the realm of Hyrule. Her divine essence fills this piece with innate mystical powers. In most games, the Triforce of Wisdom is possessed by Princess Zelda. The Triforce of Wisdom is represented by the lower-left triangle in the Triforce.

[edit] Triforce of Courage

This piece of the Triforce represents Farore, the Goddess of Courage, who is the creator of all life that inhabits the realm of Hyrule. Her divine essence fills this piece with great courage, which is usually possessed by Link. The Triforce of Courage is represented by the bottom-right triangle in the Triforce.

[edit] Anecdotes

  • The symbol of the Triforce appears to be the same symbol of a Feudal Japanese clan known as "The Hojo Clan".

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