Trading Sequence of The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons


[edit] Cuccodex

A man inside of a house in southeast Holodrum claims it is too dark inside for him to write. If Link uses an Ember Seed to light the torch on his desk, the man will reward him with the Cuccodex for brightening his day.

[edit] Lon Lon Egg

With the Cuccodex in hand, head to the are where Din was kidnapped at the beginning of the game, and proceed north one screen. Enter the house and speak with Malon, the young red-haired girl standing in the middle of the room. She explains that her father, Talon, left her in charge of watching their Cucco flock and she doesn't know what to do. Offer to let her borrow your Cuccodex for a while and she will hand over a Lon Lon Egg in return.

[edit] Ghastly Doll

First, defeat thirty enemies (you only need to kill fifteen if you happen to be wearing the Maple's Ring). Then, walk around until you bump into Maple. If you have the Lon Lon Egg in your possession, the collision will knock it right out of Link's pocket. Oddly enough, she has a thing for eggs, and gives Link a Ghastly Doll in exchange for it.

[edit] Iron Pot

The woman living at the edge of Spool Swamp says she needs something ghastly to send chills down her spine. Whip out the Ghastly Doll you got from Maple and show it to her. Agree to give her the doll and in exchange she'll give Link a well-tempered Iron Pot.

[edit] Lava Soup

Return to the portal Rosa lead you to when you first visited Subrosia. Use Roc's Reather to jump over the lava pits, and continue down the staircase to the left of the portal you came through. Continue along this path until you come to a bridge and another staircase. Go up the staircase and enter the house. Speak with the chef inside, and ask him to pour some Lava Soup in your Iron Pot.

[edit] Goron Vase

Biggoron, who lives atop Goron Mountain, has a cold and as a result nobody can understand what he's trying to say. Give him the Lava Soup to clear his sinuses and he'll reward Link with a priceless Goron Vase.

[edit] Fish

In the northwest corner of Sunken City lives Ingo, a connoisseur of fine vases. Listen to him complain about how Biggoron will never trade him one of his vases for his Fish. After listening to his rant, show him the vase Biggoron gave you and he'll beg Link to exchange it for has catch of the day.

[edit] Megaphone

A man on the outskirts of Horon Village can't seem to coax his pet cat out of a nearby tree. He seems to think if he had some of his kitty's favorite food, fresh fish, it would do the trick. Trade him the Fish for his Megaphone, which wasn't particularly effective in dealing with his cat anyway.

[edit] Mushroom

Warp back to Sunken City and head over to Ingo's House. Only this time instead of going inside, dive into the secret diving spot located north of his house. Use the watery passage to reach Mt. Cucco, and climb up the vines that are nearby where Link surfaces. Change the season to spring using one of the nearby stumps, then proceed to where you found the Spring Flower. Jump off of the ledge and enter the cave near where you fell to. Inside you'll find Malon's father, Talon, sleeping peacefully. Unfortunately for him, it's time to wake up. Use the Megaphone to wake him and he'll remember he had somewhere to be, though not before he trades Link a Mushroom for it.

[edit] Wooden Bird

Time to pay a visit to Old Syrup, who lives in Sunken City. To reach her house you'll have to change the season to winter, using the Rod of Seasons, and use the packed snow as a pathway to reach the front door. Speak to her to learn of her need for a Mushroom (and a new assistant), then show her your delectable toadstool. Agree to exchange it for her Wooden Bird and then it's off to Horon Village once again!

[edit] Engine Grease

The clock maker needs a Wooden Bird to perfect his latest work, and it just so happens you have one to spare. Offer him the Wooden Bird you received from Maple and he'll offer Link some of his leftover Engine Grease.

[edit] Phonograph

Leave Horon Village through the eastern gate and you should find yourself staring at a cave. Enter the cave and walk past the first staircase you see, and take the second one up a floor. Exit and speak with the man standing near the windmill. He will say he wishes he had some Engine Grease to make the windmill turn faster, then asks Link if he wouldn't mind trading him some of his spare grease for his Phonograph.

[edit] Noble Sword

Now it's time to find the sacred blade. Start by heading to Tarm Ruins, but don't enter the ruins. Instead, head west until you wind up in the Lost Woods. Navigate your way through the woods until you reach a screen with a tree that can be burned. Sprinkle a few Ember Seeds on the sapling to reveal a secret staircase. Inside, a Deku Scrub requests music in exchange for directions to a secret clearing in the woods. Play the Phonograph for him and he will tell Link how to reach the spot where the Noble Sword rests!

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