Town Minish

The Town Minish Figurine

Town Minish live all over Hyrule Castle Town. Their elder is Librari. They live in the walls and in the attics of houses and they re-use what the townsfolk do not want. They were once Forest Minish but moved to Hyrule Castle Town out of their love for Hylians. But they still keep in good contact with each other and visit each other while envying each other's way of life. Forest Minish can be found in Hyrule Castle Town as they have made a special visit to their Town friends.

They loving helping out the Hylians whom they share their homes with. Town Minish in Rem's shop craft his shoes while he sleeps and the Minish in Wheaton and Pita's bakery help them bake and hide Kinstone prizes in random produce.

Like each group of Minish, they have their own dress style, based on whatever material they can find. They have the widest clothing variety of any Minish and can be found wearing shades of pink, orange (only town Minish in the Royal Hyrule Library), green and, most commonly, blue.

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