Tower of Spirits

The Tower of Spirits seen from a distance

The Tower of Spirits is an important location in The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks that acts like a lock over the Spirit Tracks, the only thing keeping the Demon King, Malladus, imprisoned.

During their first trip to the tower, Link, Princess Zelda, and Alfonzo encounter Chancellor Cole, Malladus's right hand man, who is hellbent on reviving his master. Cole destroys the tracks leading up to the tower, and in the process launches Link's engine clear off the tracks, all before knocking the two engineers out and running off with Zelda's body -- the vessel necessary to revive Malladus.

Link returns to the tower after Alfonse finished the repairs on his engine to speak with the tower's guardian, an old descendant of the Lokomo Tribe named Anjean. After explaining that he would need to ascend the tower and recover the four Rail Maps in order to stop Malladus and rescue Zelda's body, Anjean relinquished the legendary Spirit Train to Link.

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