This wannabe fairy is hated by some and hated by others. Tingle is a very annoying and flamboyant character, but he is the only person who can translate ancient maps, although he charges a rather high price. He is first met in north Clocktown in Majora's Mask, but his first appearance in Hyrule is when he is trapped in a prison cell on Windfall Island in Wind Waker. He is 35 years old and doesn't seem like he wants to grow up just yet.

In the Wind Waker, his brothers, Knuckle and Ankle are introduced, along with David Jr., an unrelated character. Knuckle is a bit proud and doesn't take things lightly. He also built Tingle Tower. Ankle likes his brother and is often concerned for his well being, but unfortunately, not always in the way you'd hope.

David Jr. washed up on Tingle Island one day, and he was grateful for Tingle saving his life. He now works at Tingle Tower, pushing it around and around to make it spin. He hates his uniform, but still believes he owes Tingle. Tingle has a dog named Barkle in Rupeeland and a virtual female called Pinkle.

The Tingle Tuner was an item in this game, and it allowed another player to do a small side-quest with the ultimate reward of unlimited rupees, similar to the Skulltula/Poe sidequests but not as tedious but that is a matter of opinion. The character Rick the Kangaroo from the Oracle games dislikes Tingle and his very presence causes him to leave.

Tingle's appearance in multiple games can be confusing, as he was born in Termina and was 35 in Majora's Mask but still 35 in Wind Waker.

It was revealed he was immortal in his own game as long as he had rupees, so it is commonly assumed that this also stops him aging. Tingle's way of appearing in the timeline is also confusing, as he somehow he made it from Termina, an alternate dimension, to Hyrule in both the 'adult' and 'child' sides. He also appeared in the Minish Cap which many beleive to be the first Zelda, but as his father was in Majora's Mask it makes no sense unless, of course, Tingle is like Link in the idea od having decendants almost exactly the same as him, this, however, is unlikely.

Tingle also appears in Super Smash Bros Melee as a trophy and again in Brawl as an assist trophy. His effect was random, and he'd sometimes he'd mess up and his balloon would carry him away, sometimes the screen would zoom in on the summoner this was actually harder on the summoner in simpler stages, he can also summon hoards of hammers or Banana peels. Tingle was a stage hazard in Melee on the Termina stage; his balloon could be stood on and popped, and popping it did 1% damage to those nearby.

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