Tiger Scroll Descriptions

When Link first starts his adventure, his skills with a blade are limited to simply swinging it around. Throughout his adventure, Link will find Hyrule's greatest Sword Trainers ready to teach him new skills. Some skills are needed for the completion of the game, but others are hidden away and can only be found if you really search for them.


[edit] Tiger Scroll No. 1

Spin Attack

Taught By: Swiftblade (Hyrule Town)

Description: The spin attack has become a standard attack in Zelda games, but in Minish Cap you can only learn it after completeting the first dungeon. The spin attack allows Link to spin a complete circle, swinging his sword as he goes. It damages enemies on all sides.

[edit] Tiger Scroll No. 2

Sword Beam

Taught By: Grimblade (Hyrule Castle Garden)

Description: The sword beam can only be learnt after aquiring the Flame Lantern, otherwise Grimblade refuses to teach you. When you have full health, the sword beam technique allows you to automatically shoot beams of energy from your sword whenever you swing it.

[edit] Tiger Scroll No. 3

Dash Attack

Taught By: Swiftblade (Hyrule Town)

Description: The dash attack can only be learnt when you have aquired the Pegasus Boots. Once you have learnt the dash attack, Link will hold his sword out in front of him whenever he runs. It is useful for damaging enemies that get in your way.

[edit] Tiger Scroll No. 4

Peril Beam

Taught By: Waveblade (Lake Hylia)

Description: You can only learn the peril beam if you have aquired the Flippers, and only if you have at least 10 hearts. The peril beam is the reverse of the sword beam, as it allows you to shoot energy from your sword when you have only 1/4 of a heart left.

[edit] Tiger Scroll No. 5

Rock Breaker

Taught By: Swiftblade (Hyrule Town)

Description: You can only learn the rock breaker technique after aquiring the Fire Element. Contrary to its name, the rock breaker doesn't allow you to break rocks, but rather the pots that you would otherwise have to pick up and throw to dispose of.

[edit] Tiger Scroll No. 6

Roll Attack

Taught By: Greyblade (Mt Crenel)

Description: The roll attack can only be learnt once you have the White Sword. When you roll, press the button you have your sword assigned to as you get up to do a forward thrust. Useful if you would otherwise run into an enemy out of a roll.

[edit] Tiger Scroll No. 7

Down Thrust

Taught By: Swiftblade (Hyrule Town)

Description: The down thrust can only be learnt once you have aquired the Roc's Cape. In order to use the attack, you must equip both the cape and your sword. At the peak of your jump, press the button to which your sword is assigned to do a powerful downward stab.

[edit] Tiger Scroll No. 8

Great Spin Attack

Taught By: Swiftblade The First (Castor Wilds)

Description: The great spin attack can only be learned when you have all 7 other Tiger Scrolls. The great spin attack is similar to the regular spin, except it allows you to do several consecutive attacks without having to stop and charge each one.

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