The Wind Waker Triforce Charts

Once you reach a certain point in the game, you will be required to look for the pieces of the Triforce of Courage. There are 8 pieces in total, each with their own maps. The only problem is, the maps are unreadable. Once you find any one of these Triforce charts, you must take it to Tingle Island, where he will decipher it for a hefty fee of 398 Rupees. After that, they are used just like normal Treasure Charts, only they are necessary to complete the game.

[edit] Triforce Chart #1

  • Chart Location: Islet of Steel (B5)
  • Items Required: Bombs
  • Description: Use the Bomb Cannon to bust your way into the Islet and open the chest inside.
  • Piece Location: Greatfish Isle (D2)

[edit] Triforce Chart #2

[edit] Triforce Chart #3

  • Chart Location: Bird's Peak Rock (G5)
  • Items Required: Hyoi Pear
  • Description: On this island, shoot down as many Kargarocs as you can with the Bow, then use a Hyoi Pear on a seagull to hit all six switches on the nests, which will open the cave.
  • Piece Location: Stone Watcher Island (E3)

[edit] Triforce Chart #4

  • Chart Location: The Ghost Ship
  • Items Required: Hookshot
  • Description: First, find the Ghost Ship Chart, as detailed in miscellaneous section below. After that, at night, sail to the area where the Ghost Ship inhabits (it'll be marked on your Sea Chart) and sail into it. Defeat the enemies inside.
  • Piece Location: Outset Island (G2)

[edit] Triforce Chart #5

  • Chart Location: Needle Rock Isle (E1)
  • Items Required: Bombs
  • Description: Just west of the island are three Cannon Ships, and one's colored gold. Blast that one and take the treasure it leaves behind.
  • Piece Location: Cliff Plateau Isles (F7)

[edit] Triforce Chart #6

  • Chart Location: Outset Island
  • Items Required: Power Bracelet
  • Description: Point the wind west, then float over from the east hill over to the stone head on the west hill to enter the Savage Labyrinth. Survive thirty floors to get the chart and go into the light if you don't want to do the rest of the floors to get the heart pieces. Bah babah babahhh bababababbabababahhhhhh
  • Piece Location: Southern Triangle Island (E4)

[edit] Triforce Chart #7

[edit] Triforce Chart #8

  • Chart Location: Overlook Island (A7)
  • Items Required: Hookshot
  • Description: Use the Hookshot from the boat to attach to the lowest tree (it helps if there are waves in the sea), then continue using the Hookshot to climb up. Enter the hole. In this cave, enter each of the four rooms and defeat the enemies: Armos Knights, Stalfoses, Bokoblins, and Yellow Wizzrobes. Then, defeat the four Darknuts in the center room to open the barred door.
  • Piece Location: Two-Eye Reef (G4)

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