The Minish Cap Heart Pieces

Finding the 44 heart pieces hidden throughout Hyrule can be a tough job, but with the help of this Heart Piece guide you can easily figure out where to go for each heart piece in the game.

Note: This guide doesn't include the Full Heart Containers you get from beating each Dungeon boss, but obtaining those is pretty self explanatory.


[edit] Hyrule Town

1. Complete all the rounds of Anju's Chicken mini-game to win a Piece Of Heart.

2. Shrink in the builder's house, then follow the path that leads into the fountain. Once inside the fountain, follow the path north. Jump using the Roc's Cape to get to the Piece Of Heart.

3.Use the Roc's Cape whilst standing under the bell in the centre of town. The bell will ring and a heart piece will fall out.

4. Enter the hotel through the back door whilst Minish. Inside you�ll find a Piece Of Heart.

5. Enter the house with the purple ghost on the roof and play the mini-game inside. Complete it to win a Piece Of Heart.

6. Once you have the Four-Sword, go to the school and shrink. Go to the playground and find the path that you can only enter while small. At the end is a Piece Of Heart.

7. After getting all the figurines, talk to the man standing near the trainer house. He�ll open up a new house with lots of items lying around, including a Piece Of Heart.

[edit] Minish Woods

1. Don't shrink at the portal, but instead continue west to the Deepwood Shrine for a Piece Of Heart.

2. Take the exit the Minish Elder reveals after Deepwood Shrine, then head north, left, then north again to find an entrance to an ice puzzle. Inside is the Piece Of Heart.

3. Enter the Minish Village and head for the house that leads to Deepwood Shrine. Don�t enter it, but instead take the path to the right for a Piece Of Heart.

4. Find your way to the potion witch�s house, then go southeast for a Piece Of Heart.


5. Defeat the mini-boss, then head south for a Piece Of Heart.

6. Active the blue portal after beating the mini-boss by sucking away the dust in the next room. Take the portal to a Piece Of Heart.

[edit] Mt Crenel

1. (Base) Use the two whirlwinds to cross the gap above the cave, go left and then up. Bomb the wall for a Piece Of Heart.

2. Once you find Melari, fuse Kinstones with him to make a beanstalk grow. Climb it for a Piece Of Heart.

3. Climb up the vine to reach Mt Crenel itself. Continue up, then bomb the wall close to the sign for a Piece Of Heart.

4. Once you can create a copy of yourself, return to Mt Crenel�s base. Climb up the first wall you encounter, then keep climbing up every successive wall after that until you reach a cave. Clone and activate the switches for a Piece Of Heart.

5. Climb Crenel Wall, then head down the ladder. Use the Mole Mitts to dig into the hole for a Piece Of Heart.


6. After finding the mine-cart that was flipped over, follow the bridge and bomb the wall south to finally access the Piece Of Heart you passed while riding in the cart.

[edit] Hyrule Castle Garden

1. Fuse with the boy near the fountain in Hyrule Town to dry up the pool to the east of the garden. Go down the stairs you just revealed for a Piece Of Heart.

2. Enter the Swordsman�s House in the south-east of the garden. Pick up a Piece Of Heart, and learn his technique while you're there.

[edit] Lake Hylia

1. In the north-west corner is a house with a small pool beside it. Use the flippers to dive in the middle of the pool to find a Piece Of Heart.

2. With the Roc�s Cape, jump from island to island in the north-east area of the lake to find a Piece Of Heart.

3. Jump from island to island in the north-east area of the lake until you find a wall you can dig through. Head left at the start, and work your way through the cave until you find an exit you can dig out of. Do so and claim your Piece Of Heart.

4. Go to the cave again, but this time take the right path. You should've made a plant grow by Kinfusing, climb it for a Piece Of Heart.

5. South of the Temple Of Droplets is a heart piece, swim down there to find it.

6. Swim to where the previous Piece was, then swim left and climb back onto land. Go into the tree to your left to find a trainer and a Piece Of Heart.


7. Go the most north-eastern area of the Minish Village in the Minish Woods. Swim through the water to find a Minish house, and fuse with the Minish there 3 times. This will make a hole appear in Lake Hylia. Warp there, and find the hole. Once inside, jump over the pillars and climb the ladder. Speak with the Minish there to get a full heart container.

[edit] Lon Lon Ranch

1. With the Pegasus Boots equipped, charge into the tree that sparkles at the back of the ranch. Doing so will reveal a Minish Portal. Use it, then enter the small path to the right to find a Piece Of Heart.

[edit] North Hyrule Field

1. Go north-west and head down the ladder. You will come across a Piece Of Heart.

[edit] South Hyrule Field

1. At the south-west corner is a tree that can be transformed into a stump by running into it with the Pegasus Boots. Open the portal and, while Minish, swim to the north-east to find a hole that leads to a Piece Of Heart.

2. Fuse with the man in Hyrule Town that you the Kinstone Bag. The fusion will open a tree here that leads to a Piece Of Heart.

[edit] Western Woods

1. Make the appropriate Kinstone fusion to open a tree. Inside is a Piece Of Heart.

[edit] Royal Valley

1. When you reach the cemetery itself, push the top-left gravestone away to reveal a cave. Inside is a Piece Of Heart.

[edit] Castor Wilds

1. Do the fusions in Hyrule Town that make lillypads appear in Castor Wilds. Then, come here once you have the flippers. Go from lillypad to lillypad (starting from the north-west), swim through the water you find and enter the hole for a heart piece.

2. In the Trainer's house. Go north from the 3 statues you fused Kinstones with and push away the gravestone.

3. In the North-West corner of the swamp is some water that you can swim in, unlike the rest of the wilds that is bog. Find the water and swim across it to a cave. Enter it and move some blocks to access the Heart Piece.

[edit] Wind Ruins

1. To the west of the dungeon is a stump that you can use to shrink. Go left, then climb down the vines twice. Now you�ll see more vines, head down the middle one. Enter the cave and make your way along the path for a Piece Of Heart.


2. In the entrance, take the second-to-last door on the right. On the second floor, shrink and go south., then west. Go down the hole then head right through a pipe for a Piece Of Heart.

[edit] Eastern Hills

1. Go to the south-west corner and find the Minish hut. Enter it and fuse with him to make a plant grow that leads to a Piece Of Heart.

[edit] Veil Falls

1. Head in the direction of Veil Falls in North Hyrule Field. Swim through the water to the right to find this Piece Of Heart.

2. After making the appropriate Fusion, a dig-able wall will appear next to the previous Heart Piece. Dig through it for this one.

3. In Lon Lon Ranch, there is a hole in the north-west corner. Use the Cane Of Paccis to jump from it, then follow the path around into Veil Falls. The Piece Of Heart is nearby.

4. A Kinstone Fusion will alter the waterfall in Veil Falls. Head into the waterfall after fusing to find a Piece Of Heart.

[edit] Cloud Tops


1. Defeat the mini-boss then enter the inside of the tower. Head to the fourth floor, then push the bricks out of the way to get outside. Follow the path for your Piece Of Heart.

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