The Minish Cap Bottles

There are four Bottles located throughout Hyrule in The Minish Cap. Each one is extremely valuable to your quest, which is why you should try and collect as many as you can as soon as possible. The first three can be found fairly early in the game, however, the fourth takes much longer to get (you must wait until you have collected all the Elements), and takes much longer than the others.


[edit] Bottle #1

  • Purchased for 60 Rupees from a Business Scrub in the grotto you reach by climbing down the ladder in Trilby Highlands.

[edit] Bottle #2

  • Fuse Kinstones with the Master Smith. A chest will appear by Eenie and Meenie's garden in the Eastern Hills. The bottle's inside.

[edit] Bottle #3

  • Shrink down into the attic of the shopkeeper's house, and take the bottle of dog food found inside to the house near Lake Hylia. Give the food to the dog to recieve the bottle.

[edit] Bottle #4

  • Reunite the entire Goron clan in the cave near Lon Lon Ranch. Fuse Kinstones with one of the farmers in the field south of Lon Lon Ranch and five Mysterious Walls in caves throughout Hyrule (located in the tunnels where you have to use the Mole Mitts to get through) to reunite the Gorons. Enter their lair, and there will be a treasure chest containing the last bottle.

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