The Legend of Zelda Heart Pieces

By defeating a boss, you will recieve a Heart Container which will add to your maximum health counter. There are also five other Heart Container's hidden throughout Hyrule. Located by screen coordinates.


[edit] H-4


  • Burning down the tree found in the south-east area of the screen will reveal a staircase leading to a Heart Container.

[edit] L-8


  • Look for the left wall that is flat. Bomb around this area and a cave will be opened harboring a Heart Container.

[edit] M-3


  • Bomb the large rock in the middle of the screen until a hidden cave opens up.

[edit] P-3


  • Use the raft at the dock in P-4 and you will be taken to an island with a hidden cave on it. There is a Heart Container inside.

[edit] P-6


  • This one is pretty simple. Once you have the ladder, use it to cross the docks in the water and grab the Heart Container.

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