The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages

The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages
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Release Date May 2001
Platform GameBoy Color
Rating E
Genre Action-Adventure
Publisher Nintendo

Released in May 2001, Oracle of Ages is one half of the Oracle series on GameBoy Color (the other game being Oracle of Seasons, which came out the same day). The two games are very similar, and are linked in many ways, and gamers who own both games were able to connect their adventure across both games to reach new items, new events, and the final battle of the Oracle series.


[edit] Story

Link awoke one day to find himself deep in a strange forest. As he started to walk through the woods, he heard cries for help coming from just up ahead of him. Link hurried toward the voice only to find a group of monsters surrounding the woman who was screaming. When the monsters saw Link, they immediately fled. The woman who was being attacked was none other than Impa, nurse to Hyrule's Princess Zelda. Impa said she had come to the forest to search for a singer named Nayru. Can't you help me look?" Impa asked. Despite the strange look she gave him, Link could not refuse her request. Together they found a large stone with a rune on it. Naturally, Link moved the stone, but Impa wouldn't so much as lay a hand on it. As they traveled even deeper into the forest, they found a young woman singing. Invited to sit by the group of animals that listened to the girl's song, Link joined in the circle and let the beautiful song fill his ears and penetrate his heart. This was surely Nayru, the singer Impa was searching for. Just then, Impa erupted in a cackling laugh. "Ah ha ha ha ha ha!" A darkness surrounded Impa, and a frightening shadow lifted from her body. "Nayru! Oracle of Ages! I, Veran, Sorceress of Shadows, shall make you my own!" The shadow that called itself Veran began swooping about the forest before flying straight into the body of the frightened singer. A blinding light shone forth from Nayru's body. When Link's eyes had grown use to the light, he realized that Nayru looked very strange. Her face seemed veiled in shadow, and her bright smile had vanished. A piercing, evil gaze replaced it. "Ha ha ha ha ha!" "Now the power of the Oracle of Ages is mine! I can travel through time at will! Now a new age shall begin-an age of shadows!" And with that, Veran and Nayru vanished. Nayru was actually the Oracle of Ages who controlled time in this land of Labrynna. Whent he oracle was kidnaped, the flow of time in Labrynna was distorted, and strange things began to happen. Before vanishing, Veran said, "When the past changes, so does the present." Her plan was to travel to the past and gather power from the sorrows of the people of Labrynna so that she could create her age of shadows. Will Link be able to free Nayru from Veran's eveil clutches? Such is the quest that Link must now undertake.

[edit] Characters

There are many diverse characters in The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages. This section will provide you with information on some of the more significant characters you will encounter throughout the game:

[edit] Bosses

Compared to other bosses in The Legend of Zelda series, most of the Oracle of Ages bosses are fairly easy to defeat. The trick to doing so is in figuring out how to successfully damage them. This guide will offer you details on each of the game's bosses, and what you must do to defeat them:

[edit] Items and Equipment

There are many various items in The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages. This guide will give you some insight on each of these weapons, and how to obtain them:

[edit] Trading Sequence

In order to get the Noble Sword, you must complete a long trading sequence that involves many characters throughout the land of Labrynna:

[edit] Animals

At many points throughout the game, you will have to rely upon the aid of an animal to advance past a certain area. There are three animals in the games, each offer their own unique abilities:

[edit] Guides

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