The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures

The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures

North American Box Art

Developer Nintendo
Publisher Nintendo
Platform Nintendo Gamecube
Release Date(s) 2004
Genre Action-Adventure
Rating (E) Everyone

The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords, is the eleventh game in Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda series. It was released for the Nintendo GameCube in Japan on March 18, 2004, North America on June 7, 2004, and Europe on January 7, 2005. The Game Boy Advance handheld game console can be used as a controller when using the Nintendo GameCube Game Boy Advance Cable bundled with the game in North America.

The game takes Link on an adventure to restore peace to Hyrule after learning that an evil counterpart of himself, Shadow Link, has been created. He discovers that Ganon is the true villain and journeys to defeat him to retrieve the stolen trident. After defeating Ganon, Link seals him in the Four Sword and peace is returned to Hyrule.

Four Swords Adventures was considered the 48th-best game ever made on a Nintendo system by Nintendo Power, and received an aggregated 86 out of 100 from Metacritic. It is also the third-best selling game of June 2004 in North America, with 155,000 units, and has since sold 250,000 copies. It has also sold 127,000 units in Japan.


[edit] Background

The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords is a remake of "A Link to the Past" from the GBA, onto the GC. Up to 4 people can play Four Swords at once using a GC-GBA Link cable. Four Swords emphasizes cooperative gameplay, including fighting, puzzle-solving, etc.

[edit] Gameplay

The Legend continues on Nintendo GameCube in an all-new epic adventure for one to four players. Fusing cooperative and competitive action, Four Swords Adventures features a unique gameplay system that incorporates both the television and the Game Boy Advance. When you enter a building or dive into a cave, your character switches from the TV to the Game Boy Advance. When you emerge, the frantic action shifts back to the big screen. To thwart Vaati's nefarious forces, you'll have to master new skills and techniques never before seen in the Legend of Zelda series

[edit] Features

  • Up to four players can link their GBAs to the Nintendo GameCube to join a fun and frantic competition for Force Gems and special items while cooperating to move massive blocks, trigger switches, and slay mighty bosses.
  • Explore eight massive worlds in the Hyrulean Adventure mode, or fight your friends in Shadow Battle mode until only one Link remains!
  • A rich single-player mode allows you to assume control of all four Links and command their every move by seamlessly switching among battle formations.
  • A high-resolution, top-down play perspective features dazzling visual effects like vivid colored lighting, silky-smooth water ripples, swirling smoke and stylized weather effects

[edit] Characters

There are hundreds of characters in Four Swords Adventures, but most of them only appear once, but there are a few that you will encounter on a regular basis.

The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures
Fsa box.jpg

North American Box Art

Developer Nintendo
Publisher Nintendo
Platform Gamecube
Release Date(s) 2004
Genre Action-Adventure
Rating (E) Everyone

[edit] Story

After an ominous dark cloud begins to cover Hyrule, Princess Zelda asks her courageous childhood friend Link to check up on the legendary Four Sword, in fear that something sinister is drawing near with the intent to released the evil wind sorcerer Vaati. Link meets her, along with the other six maidens of Hyrule at Hyrule Castle where they open a portal to the sanctuary where the Four Sword is enshrined, but before Link gets a chance to enter it, a dark figure that closely resembles him appears and seals away the maidens, before rushing through the portal. Link has no choice but to follow the mysterious figure, however upon arriving at the Four Sword Sanctuary, Dark Link has already reached the fabled blade and taunts Link before pulling the Four Sword from its pedestal, thus causing Link to split into four separate entities. Likewise, without the sword intact to keep Vaati imprisoned, the seal breaks and the evil sorcerer creeps back into the world.

[edit] Levels & Stages

Each of the eight levels has three stages within it.

Whereabouts of the Wind

Eastern Hyrule

Death Mountain

Near the Fields

The Dark World

The Desert of Doubt

Frozen Hyrule

Realm of the Heavens

[edit] Bosses

Here is a look at the various bosses you must face in Four Swords Adventures, and how to defeat them:

[edit] Weapons/Items

In Four Swords Adventures, their are two types of items, the first type of item is an 'A' button weapon. The other type of item is either used by the 'R' button or is not directly used by Link.

[edit] Game Modes

[edit] Hyrulean Adventure

Hyrulean Adventure is the main part of FSA. You can either play it by yourself. Or invite a few friends over and play it with GBAs.

  • Multiplayer: Everything said about single player applies to multiplayer as well, but there is some extra strategy when playing multiplayer. First of all you use gameboy advances and link cables to play. This gives you an extra screen so nobody else can see what you are doing. In multiplayer a winner is declared after each level, the winner is the one who collects the most force gems. So you need to race to get every force gem you can. Also you can attack your friends and make them drop valuable force gems. But be careful! You don’t want to do this too often. At the end of the game, each player votes for who was the Hero of Light and the Hero of Darkness, the Hero of Light is rewarded rupees, while the Hero of Darkness gets rupees taken away.
  • Single Player: In Hyrulean Adventure there are nine section of the map, they are Whereabouts in the Wind, Eastern Hyrule, Death Mountain, Near the Fields, The Dark World, The Desert of Doubt, Frozen Hyrule and Realm of Heavens. Each section has three levels, and you cannot move onto another section unless you’ve completely beaten the section before it. Each level is pretty large, and there is a lot of backtracking, so as you go around the level take note of odd things, they may come in use later. You will need to use multiple weapons in each level, and if it is a level with other humans, be sure to talk to all of them if you want hints. To complete each level you need to collect 2,000 force gems to be able to open the gate and complete the level.

[edit] Shadow Battle

If you have friends with GBAs and don't want to play Hyrulean Adventure then yopu can play Shadow Battle. A crazy everyman for himself minigame. There are five levels in all and each one has a Dark World version.

[edit] Formations

There are 6 formation in single player, and 4 in multiplayer (if you are controlling 2 or 3 Links). To change formations, use the 'L' button on the GBA and the C button, 'L' button or D Pad on the GCN. First, here are the two most basic formations: Break Control one Link as the others follow the exact path. To return to this position, press 'X' or SELECT. Individual Allows you to control one Link while the others go inactive.

[edit] Other Information

[edit] Minigames

There are eight unlockable mini games in FSA, all of them are for multiplayer play. Each time you beat a region with two or more people playing, you will unlock the Tingle Tower for that region. Once you go into the Tingle Tower, Tingle will let you play a new minigame.

[edit] Obstacles

There are several types of obstacles in Four Swords Adventures. Many of them are different types of Blocks and switches, here are some tips for figuring them out.

[edit] Controls

In Four Swords Adventures, you can either you the GameCube controller or the GameBoy Advance, but if you want to play multiplayer you must use the GBA.

  • GBA: A: Confirm, use items, open treasure, swim, talk, drop items B: Cancel, Use sword (hold down to do a spin attack or use it with the D pad to use a jump attack) L: Display formation window R: Pick up items, grab and lift D: Pad Move and change selections Start: Go to Menu Select: Change leaders
  • GCN: A: Confirm, use items, open treasure, swim, talk, drop items B: Cancel, Use sword (hold down to do a spin attack or use it with the D pad to use a jump attack) L: Display formation window R: Pick up items, grab and lift X: Break Formation, change leaders Y: Display formation window C: stick Formation quick change D Pad: Pad Break Formation, change leaders Analog Stick: Move and change selections Start: Go to Menu

[edit] Force Gems

In each level you or your team of Links, needs to collect 2000 force gems to upgrade the Four Sword. Without the upgraded Four Sword, you cannot complete the level. You can find force gems almost anywhere, and they all have different values. Here are the Values:

  • Green: Small-1 Large-100
  • Blue: Small-5 Large-150
  • Red: Small-20 Large-200
  • Purple: Small-30 Large-300

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