The Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda

North American Box Art

Developer Nintendo
Publisher Nintendo
Platform Nintendo Entertainment System
Release Date(s) Japan: February 21, 1986

North America: August 22, 1987

Europe: November 27, 1987

Genre Action-Adventure
Rating (E) Everyone

The Legend of Zelda was the first game in the long running Zelda series made in 1987. Link sets out on an epic quest to rescue Princess Zelda from Ganon, an evil being determined to conquer the world by obtaining a Golden Power known as the Triforce.

On November 19, 2006, The Legend of Zelda was released on the Vitual Console service for Wii. With the Wii's classic controller, a player can get the feel of the original game.


[edit] Plot

After an evil army led by Ganon invaded the kingdom and stole the Triforce of Power (one of the three parts of the triforce), Hyrule was engulfed in chaos. In an act of desperation, Princess Zelda split the Triforce of Wisdom into eight fragments and hid them in secret dungeons throughout the land to prevent them from falling into Ganon's hands, and also sent out her most trustworthy maid, Impa, to find someone with enough courage to fight Ganon.

After these events, Zelda was captured by Ganon, and Impa was captured by Ganon's monsters. As the group of monsters surrounded her, a youth drove the monsters off. The boy's name was Link, and Impa told him of Hyrule's plight. Link resolved to save Zelda, but to do so, he had to find and reassemble the scattered fragments of the Triforce. At that moment, Link set off for Hyrule in an epic adventure.

[edit] Characters

Here is a look at the main characters you will encounter throughout the game:

[edit] Weapons and Armor

Here is a look at the various tools that aid Link throughout his quest, with descriptions and locations of how to obtain each:

[edit] Items

Many useful items can be found throughout the game. This guide will tell you where to find each one of them, and what they do:

[edit] Bosses

This guide will give you an insight on where each boss is found, and how to defeat them:

[edit] Enemies

Here are the enemies that you will encounter in the game:

[edit] Secrets

Everything from cheats to Heart Pieces are covered in this guide:

[edit] Maps

Stuck in a dungeon? Refer to these layouts for help: (click to enlarge)

[edit] Interesting Links

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