Temple of Droplets

The Temple of Droplets is the fourth dungeon in The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap.
Temple of Droplets layout.

This dungeon is located in Lake Hylia, east of Lon Lon Ranch and north of Minish Woods. Here you come to find the Water Element. This is a Minish-sized Temple, so you must enter it only as a Minish. Before entering, though, you must recieve the Flippers from the wise Town Minish in the library of Hyrule Town. The main item you recieve to make it through this temple is the Flame Lanturn, an item for igniting things and lighting up the dark. This is fitting, considering all of the ice and freezing temperature here.

[edit] Boss

The boss of this temple is a Big Octorok that changes forms. In it's regular form, it merely shoots rocks at you which you can deflect with your shield back at it for damage. In it's Icy form, the floor becomes covered in ice as does the Bic Octorok. To damage it, you must equip the Flame Lanturn and set fire to the end of its tail. After repeatedly switching from form to form, it will eventually be defeated and you will receive the Water Element and a Heart Container.
Big Octorok

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