Stone of Agony

The Stone of Agony is an item acquired in Ocarina of Time. It makes use of the Rumble Pak attachment for the Nintendo 64 controller or Rumble Feature to vibrate when Link draws close to secrets such as hidden grottoes that cannot be seen or found with just the naked eye alone. Without either of the aforementioned features, the Stone of Agony is rendered useless in Ocarina of Time and will have no way of displaying when a secret is nearby.

To get the Stone of Agony, Link must have first collected a total of 20 Gold Skulltula Tokens from Gold Skulltula hidden away across Hyrule. He can then travel to Kakariko Village, where the Fabulously Rich Family, now cursed and in a spider form reside in the House of Skulltula. For helping to beat another part of the curse with his efforts in collecting the tokens, they will reward him with the Stone of Agony.

[edit] Trivia

  • In Majora's Mask, the controller will again vibrate near any hidden secrets nearby, although the Stone of Agony itself is never actually named nor acquired in the game

  • The item makes a return in the remake Ocarina of Time 3D, but is renamed as the Shard of Agony instead, and rather than vibrate it has an icon come up in tandem with a signal noise to alert the player

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