Spiritual Stones

The Spiritual Stones of the forest, fire, and water appear in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Young Link had to collect all three of them in order to open the door in the Temple of Time, where he found the Master Sword. Unfortunately, once Link opens the door, he also opens a door to the Sacred Realm, where the Triforce is kept. Ganondorf was watching Link, and once the door was opened, Ganondorf rushed in and stole the Triforce. However, when he touched it, it broke into three pieces, two of them escaping. Ganondorf managed to hold onto to the Triforce of Power, and the Triforce of Wisdom and the Triforce of Courage were given to Zelda and Link, respectively. Upon grabbing the sword though, Link skips seven years into the future, as he was too young to be the Hero of Time. This allows Ganondorf to easily conquer Hyrule, all of the surrounding area, and eventually the world.

  • The Spiritual Stone of the forest, also known as the Kokiri Emerald, is obtained from the Great Deku Tree upon breaking the curse that was placed on him.
  • The Spiritual Stone of water, also known as the Zora Sapphire, is a gift from Princess Ruto after saving her inside Lord Jabu-Jabu. She gives it to Link, saying that she is only allowed to give it to the man she wishes to marry.

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