Shadow Battle of The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures

If you have friends with GBAs and don't want to play Hyrulean Adventure then yopu can play Shadow Battle. A crazy everyman for himself minigame. There are five levels in all and each one has a Dark World version.


[edit] Above The Clouds

Description: A large square cloub with colored platforms and a long line of fire in the middle. Traps and Caves:

  • If you are the same color as the platform in the center, you can walk across it and go into the hole in the middle of the platform. There you can hit a switch that will cause the fire to spin in circles. Dark World Differences: There will be a larger line of fire in the center and the colored platforms change at a faster rate.

[edit] Hyrule Castle

Description: A green field enclosed by castle walls where enemies will constantly be popping up, they start of easy but get harder as time goes on. Traps and Caves:

  • Every once in a while a Moon Gate will appear allowing you to go in the Dark World.
  • While in the Dark World, you can pick up people in the Dark World and throw them. Dark World Differences: In the Dark World version of Hyrule Castle, there are even more enemies that will attack you. There are also switches that will make tons of bombchus appear.

[edit] The Field

Description: A small field surrounded with water. There are two trees on either side of a house that is in the middle. Other that your enemy Links, there are no real threats. Traps and Caves:

  • There is a switch on the side of the house, if you step on it a large trap door will open at the bottom-center of the stage.
  • If you have the pegasus boots equipped, you can slam into a tree to have a swarm of angry bees attack the other Links.
  • Inside the house there is a green switch. Hit it with your sword and a ring of bombs will fall around the item podium.
  • There is another green switch inside of the cave in the northeast corner, hit it and an array of enemies willl pop up outside to attack your foes. Dark World Differences: The switch that was at the side of the house is now above it.

[edit] Tower Of Flames

Description: A platform surrounded by lava with a large fire pit in the middle. There are three caves on the north and south walls. Traps and Caves:

  • There are four switches surrounding the fire pit, step on one to make it spit out lava.
  • There is a swich inside the north cave that ignites a fire around the platform.
  • In the south cave, there is a switch that makes an array of bomchus (moving bombs) appear.
  • If you go down one of the holes on the main platform, you acn step of a switch that will make part of the upper floor momentarily collapse. Dark World Differences: There aren't anymore bombs surrounding the area, but there are four new switches. The one in the top left will trigger fire to surround the level. The one on the rop right makes fire shoot in different directions and the two bottom ones make tons of bomchus appear.

[edit] Tower Of Winds

Description: A dark, gray room filled with ladders, platforms and doors. It is a lot like the room where you fight Frostare in in the Hyrulean Adventure. Traps and Caves:

  • In the bottom corners of the level, there are two switches. Step on then to make it rain bombs in the GBA sections.
  • If you turn on all four green switches in the GBA doorways a giant bomb will appear on the main screen, once it blows up, anyone still on the main screen will be knocked out by the explosion. Dark World Differences: There are a lot more switches in the level, each one will drop bombs around the level.

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