Sera's Sundries

Sera's Sundries is a shop in Ordon Village, which is the building near the entrance, by the water, across from Fado's house. It is owned by Sera, who, at the beginning of the game, is too depressed to sell you anything. She will tell you that her cat ate the fish she had cooked for dinner the previous night, and has since run away. The cat is at the dock behind Jaggle and Pergie's house (the one with the water wheel). Once you recieve the Fishing Rod that Colin made, you can go over to the dock and fish. After you catch the first one, the cat will become interested. When you catch the second one, the cat will snatch it and run back to the shop and give it to Sera, to make up for the fish he ate earlier. If you go back to the shop again, you will see that Sera has given her cat some Milk, and she will give you the other half of it in a bottle, which is yours to keep! She will then open her shop up again, selling these items:

  • A Slingshot: 30 Rupees (Necessary to continue game)
  • Lantern Oil: 20 Rupees (Only available later in the game)
  • Bee Larva: 10 Rupees (Must have empty bottle)
  • Milk: 10 Rupees (2 servings, must have empty bottle)
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