Secrets of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

Here are some very useful secrets for The Wind Waker.

[edit] 2nd Playthrough Extras

  • If you beat the game, the game starts again, with special extras:
    • Link will wear his blue pajamas throughout the entire game. (Grandma will never give him the HERO'S CLOTHES.)
    • Aryll will wear a purple dress with a skull on it.
    • You will automatically begin with the DELUXE PICTO BOX.
    • All of the figurines you acquired for the Nintendo Gallery will be carried over. Also, you can purchase some pictographs from Lenzo.
    • All of the Hylian dialogue will be translated into English. Now, you can understand what Valoo, Jabun, and the Great Deku Tree were saying.

[edit] Joy Pendants

  • On Windfall there is a school teacher called Mrs. Marie. After you catch all the kids for her, you can find 20 joy pendants. They can found all over the Great Sea is dungeons and on land. When you find 20 and come back to her with them, she'll give you the deed to her house on the Island Oasis. This is crucial to finding all the triforce pieces as one Triforce Map is found in the basement of the Oasis. When you find 40 (20 more) and bring them back, she will give you the Hero's charm. It's a mask that Link can wear against enemies which gives them a HP bar above their head. It also works on bosses, so you know exactly how much HP is left.
  • A good tip for getting Joy Pendants is for beating enemies in certain dungeons and taking their Joy Pendants. Then go out of the room and come back in and they'll be back and you may be able to take a pendant again. Also, you can use the grappling hook at the enemies body to steal the pendants.

[edit] Nintendo Figurine Club

  • To unlock this special club to make figurines of all the photos you can take of all the people around the Great Sea, you must have the Pictograph. To get the pictograph, just enter Tingle's old cell on Windfall Island and push the switch in the cell. Get into the hole and go through the little maze (don't run into a mouse or you'll be sorry) and come out into the little room, where in a chest there is a pictograph.
  • Now get back to your boat and sail to Forest Haven, and make sure you have a Deku leaf and a Hyoi pear. Now get inside the island. Take the Baba Bulbs up to the second exit up the top, but not the first one with the arrow. Now go outside and use the Wind's Requiem to change the wind to North-Westerly and fly over to the island in front of you, and there will be a kid there who will tell you about the club. Look through your telescope at the side of the island tree, and you will see an opening where there is a switch. Now take out the Hyoi pear and you will become a Seagull. Now, as the seagull, fly to the switch and press it, become Link again, and enter the now opened chamber. You will be in the Gallery.
  • Now get some pictures of some people or monsters (for starters, get pictures of the guy up the top or the man behind the counter) and give the pictograph photos to him, and now you're a member! Now get some more photos! Once you get some photos of some creatures or characters and had them taken to the man, you should access the several rooms in the circular room in the Nintendo Pictograph club and find the figurines of the characters you took photos off. There will be a description of each character or creature on each sculpture. If you finish the game and restart with the "Second Quest" the figurines and the camera still remain so you can take pictures of any person or creature you may have missed before you could access the club.

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