Secrets of The Legend of Zelda

Here's a few quick cheats and secrets hidden throughout The Legend of Zelda, which are helpful as well as interesting:


[edit] Secrets

  • Avoiding Enemies
    • If you want to avoid a confrontation, kill all the enemies but one in a screen. When you re-enter the screen, there will only be that one enemy remaining.
  • Easy kills
    • If you want to avoid the stronger enemies in the screen, use this method. Kill all the weaker enemies and leave the screen. When you re-enter, all the strong enemies will be replaced by weaker ones.
  • Easy way to get Rupees and Hearts
    • Go the the graveyard and touch every grave on one screen. Lots of ghosts will come out, this is what you want. Kill the first ghost that was on the screen and the others will disappear, leaving goodies behind.
  • Second Quest Quick Start
    • Enter your name as ZELDA at the beginning of the game and you will start the second quest immediately. The second quest is quite a but different than the first, items, dungeons and bosses will be moved around.
  • Short-cut to Final Dungeon
    • Once you have collected all the pieces of the Triforce, stand outside Dungeon 8 and blow your whistle. You will be transported to the outside of the Final Dungeon.
  • Unlook Door in Level 1
    • Upon entering the level one dungeon, you will see a locked door. Simply leave the dungeon and re-enter and the door will be unlocked.

[edit] Heart Containers

By defeating a boss, you will recieve a Heart Container which will add to your maximum health counter. There are also five other Heart Container's hidden throughout Hyrule. Located by screen coordinates.

[edit] H-4

Burning down the tree found in the south-east area of the screen will reveal a staircase leading to a Heart Container.

[edit] L-8

Look for the left wall that is flat. Bomb around this area and a cave will be opened harboring a Heart Container.

[edit] M-3

Bomb the large rock in the middle of the screen until a hidden cave opens up.

[edit] P-3

Use the raft at the dock in P-4 and you will be taken to an island with a hidden cave on it. There is a Heart Container inside.

[edit] P-6

This one is pretty simple. Once you have the ladder, use it to cross the docks in the water and grab the Heart Container.

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