Sahasrahla is an elder of Kakariko Village in The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. Sahasrahla is a Sage, who has many mystical abilities. He was forced into hiding due to the threats of Agahnim. Sahasrahla is said to be a descendant of the Seven Wise Men, or a Sage that Agahnim is searching for. In the game, Link must find him in order to gain more information in his quest.

If Link collects the three Pendants of Virtue and gains the Master sword, Sahasrahla awards Link with the Pegasus Boots. Then, throughout the game, Sahasrahla will use his telepathy to give Link advice for when Link touches a Triforce Box.

When Ganon is defeated at the end of the game, Sahasrahla is able to return to Kakariko Village.

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