Roc's Feather

Obtaining the Roc's Feather in Oracle of Ages

Named after the mythical bird, the Roc's Feather gives you the ability to jump short distances. First introduced in Link's Awakening, it has made reappearances in a couple of other games in the series, including Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons.

[edit] Link's Awakening

It is found in Tail Cave, the first dungeon of the game, and can be used jump over holes one square large. When combined with the Pegasus Boots, the jumping distance can be increased to three times as far.

[edit] Oracle of Ages

It is found in Wing Dungeon, and can be used in conjunction with Pegasus Seeds to clear larger gaps.

[edit] Oracle of Seasons

It is found in the Poison Moth's Lair, and can be upgraded to the Roc's Cape in the Explorer's Crypt. Using Pegasus Seeds and the Roc's Cape at the same time allows you to fly incredible distances.

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