Riddle Quest of The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords

If you complete all 10 of the Lumberjack's riddles you will unlock a new sword technique.


[edit] First Riddle

  • The man first wants Cucco. Go to Kakariko village, and use the bug catching net to get a cucco. Place it in the basket and take it to the man.

[edit] Second Riddle

  • Now he wants you to get a Sand Crab. They are found near Zora's Waterfall and the east side of Lake Hylia. Catch one in the bug catching net and take him to the Lumberjack.

[edit] Third Riddle

  • Now he wants a 20 Rupee piece. There is no exact place to find one, but once you do, scoop it in the bug catching net and take it the man.

[edit] Fourth Riddle

  • Now you are sent to retrieve a Fish. Go to the Swamp Ruins and lower the water. A fish will appear on dry land for you to take to the Lumberjack.

[edit] Fifth Riddle

  • The lumberjack wants an Octoballoon. Look for the big guys in the southeast corner of Lake Hylia. Destroy the large red monster to get a little Octoballoon to appear. Get it in your bug catching net and take it to the man.

[edit] Sixth Riddle

  • Find a monster with a shrub on his back and spinkle magic powder on him. The monster will become a yellow slime, so catch it, and take it to the guy.

[edit] Seventh Riddle

  • The Lumberjack wants a squirrel. Get one in the Lost Woods where the Master Sword was, and bring it back to him.

[edit] Eighth Riddle

  • Get a Fake Master Sword from the Lost Woods and bring it back to the lumberjack.

[edit] Ninth Riddle

  • The Lumberjack wants an apple. Run into an apple tree to get one for him.

[edit] Last Riddle

  • Now he wants a Cukeman. They are near the magic shop, but they need a little magic powder on them first. Return it to the lumberjack to complete the riddles.

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