Potion as seen in The Wind Waker

Potions are liquids that can usually be bought from stores all over the land, and must be kept in an empty Bottle. They have multiple effects, from replenishing hearts and magic, to temporarily increasing attack power. Similar items include the various soups that can be acquired throughout the Zelda series, and also the Chu Jelly in Twilight Princess.

In Skyward Sword, many of the potions received an overhaul due to the upgrading/infusing system.

  • The Heart Potion can be infused with bugs to refill all of your hearts, rather than just 8, and to have two servings per bottle.
  • The new Stamina Potion will slow down the consumption of your stamina meter for 3 minutes, and can be upgraded to completely stop it.
  • The new Air Potion slows down your consumption of oxygen while underwater for 3 minutes, and can be upgraded to allow Link to breathe underwater.
  • The Revitalizing Potion will automatically fix your shield upon breaking, and heals 4 hearts. Can be infused with bugs to further heal 8 hearts. One last upgrade will include two servings per bottle.
  • The Guardian Potion will halve the amount of damage Link takes for 3 minutes, and can be infused to make Link invincible for the duration of the potion's effect.

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