Pieces of Heart in The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

Here is a list of where to find the eleven Heart Containers, as well as all twenty four Pieces of Heart, in The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.

[edit] Heart Containers

Heart Containers add one additional heart to Link's life. They are usually given as rewards for defeating one of the game's bosses, however a few can be found inside Treasure Chests scattered across Hyrule.

Heart Container #1: After rescuing Princess Zelda from Hyrule Castle Dungeon, Link escapes from the castle via the secret passage behind the King's thrown. When he emerges, he is no longer in Hyrule Castle, but in the Sanctuary just east of it. Inside lies a Treasure Chest containing the Heart Container.

Heart Container #2: Link is awarded this Heart Container for defeating the Armos Knights in East Palace.

Heart Container #3: Reward for defeating the Lanmolas in Desert Palace.

Heart Container #4: Defeat Moldorm in the Tower of Hera to claim this Heart Container.

Heart Container #5: After defeating Helmasaur King, in the Palace of Darkness, Link is rewarded with another Heart Container.

Heart Container #6: Reward for defeating Arrghus, master of the Watergate Dungeon.

Heart Container #7: Link is rewarded with this Heart Container, after defeating Mothula, guardian of the Skull Dungeon.

Heart Container #8: Reward for defeating Blind the thief in Thieves' Town.

Heart Container #9: Reward for defeating Kholdstare, boss of Ice Palace.

Heart Container #10: Defeat Vitreous in Misery Mire to claim this Heart Piece.

Heart Container #11: Rewarded to Link for defeating the three-headed turtle Trinexx, in Turtle Rock.

[edit] Pieces of Heart

When Link collect four Pieces of Heart he complete a new Heart Container, thereby adding one additional heart to his life.

1) Kakariko Village - Thieves' Hideout

Bomb the cracked wall in the basement of the Thieves' Hideout, to reveal a passageway leading to a Treasure Chest containing a Piece of Heart.

2) Kakariko Village - Treasure Cave

Enter the elevated portion of the cave in Kakariko Village, by falling next to into the hole located next to the cave. Inside, pick up the Bombs in the Treasure Chest and use one to blow open the northern wall. Continue along the pathway that opens up until you reach a second chest, only this time instead of containing Bombs it contains a Piece of Heart.

3) Kakariko Village - Feuding Brothers House

Bomb the west wall of the house just south of Kakariko Village to open up the west half of the house. Exit through door and speak with the woman standing outside. Accept her challenge and complete the race with a time of fifteen seconds or less to net yourself a Piece of Heart.

4) Hyrule Field - Watergate Dungeon (outside)

Starting from Link's house, head southwest until you you come across a large stone structure (later revealed to be the Watergate Dungeon), and enter the dungeon. Inside, pull the right lever on the north wall of the room, to divert the flow of water and drain the pond outside. Exit the dungeon and you should see a Piece of Heart sitting in the puddle of the now dry pond.

5) Lost Woods - Thieves' Tent

Head into the Lost Wood via the path north of the Fortune Teller's place. Proceed northeast until you reach a tent in the middle of the woods, then proceed south and chop down the bushes to expose a secret passage. Fall into the hole and you should land right next to a Piece of Heart.

6) Hyrule Field - Underground Cave

After acquiring the Pegasus Shoes, head to the Sanctuary. From the Sanctuary, head northwest until you happen across a cluster of five rocks, and ram in to them using the shoes. This will open up a passage to a nearby underground cave that houses a Piece of Heart.

7) Desert of Mystery - North Cave

In the northeast corner of the Desert of Mystery you will find a cave. Enter the cave and proceed through the first room. In the second room, bomb the south wall to reveal a new passageway. Continue through the newly opened passage to discover a third room containing a Treasure Chest with a Piece of Heart inside.

8) Desert of Mystery - Desert Palace

Exit the Desert Palace via one of the doors along the southern wall in the basement. Find the door that leads outside to a sandy platform, and follow the path until you spot a Piece of Heart.

9) Hyrule Field - Waterfall

With the Zora's Flippers in hand (on feet?), head south from the waterfall and follow the marshy path leading west. Continue along the path until you are forced to climb up a ladder to higher ground. Do so, and continue a bit further to find a Piece of Heart resting on a patch of grass.

10) Death Mountain - Mountain Cave

This Piece of Heart sits patiently in front of a Sahasrahla Plate, inside the cave leading up Death Mountain.

11) Death Mountain - Spectacle Rock

Transport Link to the Dark World, using one of the portals on Death Mountain. Stand on the eyeglasses-shaped imprint on the ground located just west of the Tower of Hera, and use the Magic Mirror to transport Link back to the Light World. He will appear standing next to the Piece of Heart.

12) Dark World - Pyramid of Power

From the top of the Pyramid of Power, walk down the southern staircase, then the eastern staircase, then jump off of the ledge to reach the lower level of the pyramid's outside. Continue along the path in a counterclockwise direction as you work you way to the right side of the pyramid. The Piece of Heart will be sitting outside in plain sight.

13) Hyrule Field - Lumberjacks' House

After defeating Agahnim for the first time, return to the Light World and go to the Lumberjacks' House located northwest of the Sanctuary. Dash into the tree with the light-green leaves to reveal a hole which Link can throw himself into. At the bottom of the hole lies an underground Fairy Pond, as well as Piece of Heart.

14) Light World - Lake Hylia

Swim to the center of Lake Hylia's Dark World counterpart, and use the Magic Mirror to return to the Light World. Link should wind up standing next to a Piece of Heart on a small island.

15) Dark World - Desert of Mystery

Head to the southwest corner of the Dark World and stand in the circle of flowers located northeast of the Desert of Mystery. Use the Magic Mirror to warp to the Light World, and enter the nearby cave to find a Piece of Heart.

16) Village of Outcasts - Fox-headed Man

South of the Village of Outcasts live a man with a fox's head. He will offer to let Link dig up his yard for eighty Rupees, which isn't bad considering the amount of damage you'll cause. Accept his offer and dig around until you unearth a Piece of Heart.

17) Light World - Blacksmiths' House

After you have acquired the Titan's Mitt, head to the area in the Dark World where the Blacksmiths' House would be. Life the large green rocks out of the way and flatten the pegs with your Magic Hammer to reveal a doorway. Enter the doorway to find a Piece of Heart sitting next to a few skulls.

18) Dark World - Graveyard

Walk around the Dark World's Graveyard, located just north of the Pyramid of Power, until you spot a ladder. Climb the ladder leading north of the Graveyard, and use the Magic Mirror to warp yourself back to the Light World. Enter the cave in front of you, and bomb the north end of the north wall to reveal a passageway leading to a room containing the Piece of Heart.

19) Death Mountain - Entrance

In the Dark World, go to where the entrance to Death Mountain would be. A sign there promises a Piece of Heart to anyone wearing a Magic Cape. Enter the cave to the east of the sign, and head north until you reach the next room. Use the Hookshot to cross the gap in the floor, then slap on the Magic Cape and waltz past the blue bumper. Exit via the southern door and you should appear on a plateau near a Piece of Heart.

20) Village of Outcasts - Gambling Game

Enter the house located in the northwest portion of the village, and speak with the character inside. He'll offer to let you play a treasure chest-opening game, where Link must choose which Treasure Chest to open out of fourteen Treasure Chests that contain random prizes. Inside one of the chests is a Piece of Heart, but it may take you multiple tries before you're lucky enough to find it.

21) Swamp of Misery - Northwest Cave

Enter the cave in the northwest corner of the swamp. Inside, move the gray block around to reach a Treasure Chest containing a Piece of Heart.

22) Swamp of Misery - Northeast Cave

In the Dark World, walk into the small cave located in the northeast corner of the swamp, and warp to the Light World using the Magic Mirror. Life the large gray stone that's nearby to reveal an underground cavern and jump in. Push the blocks out of the way to create a path to grab the Piece of Heart sitting in the middle of the room.

23) Turtle Rock - West Entrance

Lift the large stone southwest of the entrance to Turtle Rock to uncover an underground passage. Enter the cavern and proceed north along an invisible pathway (which you can actually make visible by using the Ether Medallion) and enter the next room. Now, bomb the west wall to reveal yet another hidden room, and go inside. Exit the cevern via the south door in the room you blasted open, and use the Magic Mirror to transport yourself to the Light World. The Piece of Heart sits patiently nearby.

24) Turtle Rock - East Entrance

Exit Turtle Rock from the basement, then head east and stand in front of the east entrance to the dungeon. Use the Magic Mirror to warp to the Light World, and enter the cave directly in front of where Link is now standing. Defeat the four Cyclops and proceed through the north door to a room containing a Treasure Chest with a Piece of Heart inside.

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