Phantom Hourglass Heart Pieces

The First Heart Container is found at the Masked Ship(Beedles assistant)he will sell it to you for 1500 rupees, you will most likely find him after the Fire Temple.

The Second is found on Molida island after you have completed the dungeon you should obtain a letter from the Wayfarers son telling you to go down to the island. You will find that he has started a shooting range and if you can acquire over 2000 points he will give you a heart piece(if you get over 1700 you get a ship part).

The third heart is found on Mercay island after you have defeated all the dungeons excepts Mercay's, at the shop there will be a container for sale at 2000 rupees.

The next one is part of a fishing quest. On Bannan Island after you have completed the Old Man Mermaid quest part the Old Man will give you a fishing rod. You must catch a Loovar and go back to show the Old Man he will then give you a better lure to catch bigger fish with. Next you will have to go out to the Northeasetern sea and fish for a Rusty Swordfish there. Once you have caught one show the Old Man and he will tell you of the great fish beast Neptuna. Once you have caught Neptuna go back and show the Old Man, he will then give you a Heart Container.

Last is the Maze island quest. Once you complete it on expert you will be given the last Heart Container.

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