Pegasus Boots

The Pegasus Boots grant you the ability to dash and/or charge at things, which allows you to break certain objects or get a running start for a long jump.

[edit] A Link to the Past

This is the game in which the Pegasus Boots first appeared. You receive them from Sahasrahla after getting the Pendant of Courage from the Eastern Palace. They are also necessary to obtain the Book of Mudora. You can break cracked or weakened walls by charging into them, and you can also shake trees and knock down health-restoring apples. Be careful though, because sometimes bees will come out instead and attack you.

[edit] Link's Awakening

The Pegasus Boots allow you to dash quickly in one direction after a moment of preparing. When used in conjunction with the Roc's Feather, you can jump over distances three squares long. You can also break through certain rocks when you use them with your sword. The Pegasus Boots are acquired in the third dungeon, the Key Cavern.

[edit] The Minish Cap

You must use these boots to access the Castor Wilds.

[edit] Phantom Hourglass

They can only be used in the multiplayer battle mode to speed you up temporarily.

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