Oracle of Seasons Heart Pieces

There are 12 Heart Pieces in this game. 2 of them are found at random, and the other 10 are listed below.


[edit] After the Explorer's Crypt

  • After exiting the Explorer's Crypt use the stump and make it Fall. Then go through the nearby cave to get the Heart Piece.

[edit] Blow Up the Passage

  • As you head toward The Sword and Shield Maze, there is a Passage to the West to reveal by blowing it up right before you use your Magnetic Gloves.

[edit] Burn the Bushes

  • Set fire to the bushes that seperate you from the Heart Piece in Horon Village.

[edit] Fall from the Gap

  • In the Northeast corner, there is a Stump with a gap in front of it. If you fall into the gap you will land next to the Heart Piece.

[edit] Great Moblin

  • If you defeat the Great Moblin you will receive a Heart Piece for your efforts. You can defeat him by equipping the Power Bracelet and throwing his bombs back at him.

[edit] Subrosla Shop

  • Go into the shop in Subrosla and pay 20 ores and some ember seeds to get the Heart Piece!

[edit] Summer after Unicorn Cave

  • After defeating the boss at Unicorn Cave, you will see a lake with a tree stump near it. Make it Summer, and the lake will dissapear. Go into the lake and pick up the rock in it to reveal stairs. Go down them for a Heart Piece.

[edit] Use the Rod to get Winter

  • Use the Rod to make it Winter right after you get it. Then go South. There is a cave that you can reach now that has a Heart Piece inside.

[edit] Water in Spring

  • After you have the power to make it Spring, do so. Then swim in the water as far west you can go to find the Heart Piece just floating there.

[edit] Winter with the Power Bracelet

  • There is an area where you used the Rod of Seasons the first time. Go here, and as you travel along the path you will see a Heart Piece. Lift it with your Power Bracelet.

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