Oracle of Ages Heart Pieces

There are twelve pieces of heart hidden throughout the game, offering you three extra heart containers (one for each four pieces you collect). Two of the heart pieces are random, and are found by running into Maple (who appears randomly in many areas around the game) until she eventually drops the piece of heart, and by planting Gasha Seeds until the Gasha Nut that grows eventually harvests a Piece of Heart.


[edit] Ambi's Tower Base

In the past, after obtaining the shovel, dig through a mound of dirt near the entrance to Ambi's Tower. The Piece of Heart should be visible.

[edit] Deku Forest

Use an Ember Seed on a sapling in the southern area of the forest. It will burn down, revealing a secret entrance to a cave (past only).

[edit] Gasha Seed

Keep planting Gasha Seeds. Eventually one of them will harvest a Gasha Nut containing a Piece of Heart. This is completely random, and so far there has been no evidence as to any Gasha Plot being better than the others in turning out the Piece of Heart, or if any action makes the Piece of Heart spawn faster.

[edit] Lynna City Secret Shop

You can purchase a Piece of Heart at the Lynna City Secret Shop, located in the secret side entrance of the Lynna City Shop in the present. To get there, warp from the past.

[edit] Maku Path

In the past, in the room in the Maku Path with the Stalfos, there is a piece of heart trapped in the northwestern corner behind a few blocks. Push the blocks out of the way to obtain it.

[edit] Maple

Maple randomly (and rarely) drops a Piece of Heart if you keep bumping into her. It takes time to finally obtain it.

[edit] NE Crescent Island Cave

Once you have the Mermaid Suit, swim around to the Northeast area of Crescent Island and keep diving around until you find a cave. Inside is a Piece of Heart.

[edit] Restoration Wall

In a cave directly East of Restoration Wall in the past is a Piece of Heart. Roc's Feather required.

[edit] Rolling Ridge Base (Goron Caves)

Near the exit to the Moblin Fortress from the Goron Caves is a cracked wall on the east side of the room. Blow it up with your bombs and you'll find a Piece of Heart on the other side.

[edit] Rolling Ridge Summit

Follow through a series of caves (and travel between past and present) to eventually reach a cave high at the top of Rolling Ridge. The Piece of Heart will be visible from there.

[edit] Talus Peaks

In the past, go to the open area south west of where you learned the Tune of Currents. Warp back to the present, and cross a nearby bridge to find a Piece of Heart.

[edit] Yoll Graveyard

Near the exit of the Spirit's Grave is a small island with a piece of heart on it. Cross the bridge over to it, and use the Power Gloves to lift up the rock blocking you from the Piece of Heart.

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