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[edit] Swords

There are four swords in A Link to the Past. Each one is incredibly useful, and finding and frequently using each and every one of them is necessary to complete the game. Here are the locations of the swords:

[edit] 1) Fighter's Sword

The first sword is given to Link from his Uncle shortly after the game begins. It is the only sword that cannot use the special beam attack when your health is full.

[edit] 2) Master Sword

You acquire the Master Sword by pulling it from it's stone in The Lost Woods after collecting all three pendants. It is much stronger than the Fighter's Sword, allows you to fire long distance energy beams when your health is full, and it can be used to break Agahnim's seal on Hyrule Castle Tower.

[edit] 3) Tempered Sword

To gain the Tempered Sword, you must first have the Titan's Mitts (found in Gargoyle's Domain, the fourth Dark World dungeon). It is best to do the short quest involving the earning of the Tempered Sword after getting the fourth crystal, since it is better to have the sword as soon as possible and after finishing that dungeon you are exactly in the right area to earn the new sword. In the Village of Outcasts (the Dark World counterpart of Kakariko Village), go to the southern enterance of the area and go to the area below. To the far left of that area is a frog trapped in a ring of the rocks you can only move with the Titan's Mitts. Lift up the rocks and free the frog, who will follow you. Go back into the Village of Outcasts, and go through the area through the right exit of the Village to enter where the Blacksmith's Hut would be in the Light World. Use the Magic Mirror to transport back to the Light World (make sure the frog is with you), and the frog will transform back into his true shape, the long lost second blacksmith! Reunite him and his partner in the Blacksmith's Hut, then exit the hut and reenter. The two smiths will be back in business, and will offer to temper your sword for ten rupees. Accept, and they will take your sword for a short while. Leave the hut, and leave the area you come out into and go back into the area and the hut. The blacksmiths will be finished their work, and the Tempered Sword will be yours!

[edit] 4) Golden Sword

To get the Golden Sword, you must have finished all seven Dark World dungeons (and, recommended due to distance limitations, Ganon's Tower as well). Go to where your house would be in the Dark World, and there will be a Bomb Shop. Inside, there will be a red bomb for sale. It is the Super Bomb, the most powerful bomb in the game. Buy it, and it will follow you around, in the same fashion as the frog/blacksmith did during the Tempered Sword Quest. You must bring the bomb back to the Pyramid of Power, and take it to the cracked wall there. Detonate the bomb, and it will destroy the wall, opening up a new area. Go inside, and you will be in a Fairy Fountain. Throw your sword into the water, and say that you were the one who did it. The Fat Fairy will reward you by giving you the Golden Sword, the most powerful sword in the game! Note: While you are here, it is best to also throw your Bow in as well in the same fashion. You will recieve the Silver Arrows, which you need to defeat Ganon later in the game.

[edit] Shields

There are three different shields in A Link to the Past. Each one offers it's own special defensive properties, and is more powerful than the shield before it.
Here's how to find them all:

[edit] 1) Fighter's Shield

You recieve the Fighter's Shield from Link's Uncle at the same time you get the Fighter's Sword. Like the Fighter's Sword, it is very weak, and offers few bonuses. However, it is useful for deflecting enemy arrows and spears.

[edit] 2) Red Shield

To get the Red Shield, which deflects fire, you must go to the Fairy Fountain located in the waterfall just south of Zora's Waterfalls. Once you have Zora's Flippers, jump in the water and swim directly into the waterfall near the enterance to Zora's Waterfalls. After a little while, you will swim up the waterfall and into a secret cave. Once there, throw your Fighter's Shield into the waters and accept responsibility for doing so once you are asked. You will be rewarded with the Red Shield. The Red Shield is also available in stores later in the game.

[edit] 3) Mirror Shield

The Mirror Shield is found in the final Dark World dungeon, Turtle Rock. It is the best shield in the game and allows you to deflect laser beams.

[edit] Clothes

There are three different tunics in the game. You start the game with the first one, the Green Jerkin, and you do not obtain the other two until much later in the game. Each clothing upgrade provides you with double defense from attacks, which is extremely helpful in the later dungeons:

[edit] 1) Green Jerkin

You begin the game wearing the Green Jerkin.

[edit] 2) Blue Mail

The Blue Mail is found in the Ice Palace. It reduces the damage you take by half (so, if an enemy were to attack you and do one heart's worth of damage when you were wearing the Green Jerkin, now he would only take a half of a heart).

[edit] 3) Red Mail

The final mail is found in Ganon's Tower. Once again, this halves the damage you take, making it twice as strong in protection as the Blue Mail, and four times stronger than the Green Jerkin.

[edit] Bottles

There are four bottles hidden throughout Hyrule. They are all extremely helpful, and it is recommended that you collect as many as you can, as soon as you can.
Here are their locations:

[edit] Bottle 1

The first bottle can be purchased from the merchant in Kakariko Village for 100 Rupees.

[edit] Bottle 2

The second bottle can be obtained by going into the Kakariko Tavern (the long building in Kakariko village) through the back entrance. To enter the back way, simply walk through the building from the space in the hedges in the back wall of the building. Inside will be a treasure chest. Open it to get the second bottle.


[edit] Bottle 3

To get the third bottle, you must first have Zora's Flippers. It is located underneath the bridge east of your house. Simply jump into the water at the closest area to the bridge, and swim around until you get under it. You will find someone under there camping. Talk to him, and he will give you the third bottle.

[edit] Bottle 4

To get the fourth and final bottle, you must have completed the fourth Dark World dungeon and gotten the Tempered Sword and the Titan's Mitts. Go to wear the blacksmith's hut would be in the Light World in the Dark World, and there will be a destroyed shack there instead. Inside you will find a treasure chest. Inside the treasure chest is the bottle, but you cannot open it yet. Instead, it will follow you around. Take it to the man sitting next to the sign by the entrance to the desert in the Light World, and he will open the chest for you.

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