Moblins are pig-like creatures that have many similar qualities to Bokoblins, but are larger, stronger, and better fighters.

[edit] The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker


Your first encounter with these guys is in the Forsaken Fortress, but since you cannot fight them without your sword, you must avoid them at all costs. If one spots you, it will not only activate a siren, but it drop it's lantern and start a fire to signal for help. They will toss you into the dungeon, where you must escape through a hole in the wall concealed by a large pot. However, even once you have recovered your sword, they will continue to get on your nerves. When fighting them, they will sometimes hold their spear out sideways and block all of your attacks. They will also push you away if you get to close. The best way to defeat them is to catch them off guard and keep slashing. If they become defensive, step back and wait for them to calm down. Once defeated, they will drop glass orbs containing Skull Necklaces and other goodies, such as Rupees and Arrows. You can also steal the Skull Necklaces right from their pockets with the Grappling Hook.

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