Fusing Kinstones with a Forest Minish

The Minish, also called the Picori by Hylians, are a race that was first introduced to the series in The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap. There are several different species of Minish, including the Forest Minish, the Mountain Minish, and the Town Minish. Link can become Minish-sized by jumping into a portal disguised a a stump, pot, stone, ect. with the help of Ezlo. While in Minish form, Link can go into places he could not before and interact with other Minish people. However, they speak their own language which Link cannot understand without first eating the Jabber Nut. Festari is the only Minish who speaks the Hylian language. He, like all the other Minish,is surprised and in awe to see a Hylian who has shrunk themselves to their size and entered their Minish Village.

Thus far, the Minish have yet to appear in any other game besides The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap.

One Minish says that they thrive off making Hylians happy, so they are responsible for hiding Kinstones, Rupees and other such goodies under rocks and in grass. They love to help people such as how Town Minish make Rem's shoes when he sleeps, but they prefer to keep their existence hidden.

Vaati is a Minish who was transformed by his lust for the evil in the hearts of men. Ezlo, Link's partner, was then transformed into a magic cap from a prize craftsman when he tried to prevent Vaati from taking his prize work for the Hylians, a Magic Cap that could grant the wishes of the wearer.


[edit] History

According to lore, the came from another world, the Minish World, centuries ago. This world can only be accessed from a door in Hyrule Castle Garden that only opens once a century. It is the Elemental Sanctuary that lies beyond this door and is coincidently the only part of the Minish World to appear in game.

They left their World when Monsters threatened to destroy the World of Man. They gave their legendary sword, the Picori Blade, to the Hero of Men along with the Light Force, a source of limitless magical power. These were used to lock the monsters away in a chest, sealed with the Picori Blade and the Light Force entered the blood of the Royal Family and now resides in Princess Zelda. The Minish then disappeared and took up residence in Minish Village in Minish Woods and eventually became part of lore. Minish only appear to well behaved children so their existence is now doubted by the people of Hyrule and only the Royal Family know the truth.

[edit] Appearance

A Forest Minish in comparison with a clover

Minish are tiny, no bigger than the size of a thumb with artwork showing them fitting snuggly under a clover. They can hardly be seen by Link when he is his normal size. Due to their small size, they are in constant danger of being stood on by Hylian feet and can drown in even the most smallest of puddles. Animals may also try to attack them, especially Cats and Cuccoo. But despite their size, they are skilled craftsmen and make things and hide things even bigger than themselves, such as Rupees.

They are quite pale, with rounded faces that end in a point with their nose. Their ears are long and pointed like Hylians. They quite resemble Hylians in body shape apart from being smaller and having hand-like feet. Some have a feather like tail, others do not, but this may be because their clothing hides it. They have Hylian-like hair and beards seem to be a sign of reverence and importance.

They dress in a wide variety of clothing, made from whatever materials they can find in their locality.

[edit] Minish Types

[edit] Forest Minish

Forest Picori Figurine.gif

These are the most common Minish, being found all over Hyrule but with a higher proportion in [Minish Village]]. Their elder is Gentari and their priest is Festari. They wear green clothes made from leaves and red hats. They keep good relations with the other Minish and can be seen visiting friends in Hyrule Castle Town although they prefer to keep away from humans.

[edit] Town Minish


These Minish are found exclusively in Hyrule Castle Town. They were once Forest Minish who moved from Minish Village to be closer to humans. Their elder is Librari. They mimic the activities of the Hylians whom they share their living quarters with such as helping [Rem]], baking bread for Wheaton and Pita, sorting books and holding a café above Mama's Cafe. They can be found wearing green, pink, orange (Minish in Royal Hyrule Libary only) and, most commonly, blue clothing with white baubles on their hats.

[edit] Mountain Minish


These are the least populous Minish, with their only being eight members. They live in the Minish Mines on top of Mount Crenal and their elder is Melari. Their duty is to smith items and mine the earth. They sing a special song, the Ting Tong Song when they work to instil them with energy and pride. Their clothing is the most colourful, being red and blue and their caps are orange. They also wear goggles to protect their eyes.

[edit] Based On

They appear to be based on the Koro-pok-guru of Ainu folklore but with different groups being based on different legends. Such as the Mountain Minish appear to be based off the Seven Dwarfs and the Minish in Rem's shoeshop appear to be based off the Elves and the Shoemaker.

Their name seems to stem from the word, mini or diminish, suggesting their small stature.

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