Medli mini.jpg
Medli as seen in Wind Waker
Full Name Medli
Hometown Dragoon Roost Island
First Game Appearance The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
Instruments Harp

Medli is a young caretaker of the Sky Spirit, Valoo. She isn't yet fluent at her job, but she gives it her all. Medli can be seen persistently trying to improve her skills at flight and the harp, as well as seen worrying over her good friend, Prince Komali. Medli is a dedicated Rito despite her lack of skill while flying.

Medli serves more of a purpose than it originally seems, as she is revealed to be the decedent of the last Earth Sage and she, along with Makar, helps return power to the Master Sword. In the Earth Temple you need her to get through with the aid of her wings and her ability to play her song. She uses a harp just like the original Earth Sage. Medli is notably one of the only characters that can be used aside from Link.

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