Maple as She appears in the cartoon

Maple has appeared in a couple of titles to-date. She is the granddaughter of Syrup and is a witch in-training.

[edit] Oracle of Seasons

A young witch's apprentice who has a knack for running into Link at random times throughout the game. When the two of them collide, many of their items and drop on the ground and scatter. You then have to race and collect as many items as possible before Maple does. There is a chance that she'll drop her rarest item, a Piece of Heart.

[edit] Oracle of Ages

The witch's apprentice, Maple appears in many random areas around the game's world map. When she is in an area, it is signified by her own music, and, shortly after, Maple herself. Maple will fly back and forth that area several times, and if you run into her in the meantime, the two of you will drop several items. The two of you must then race to grab all of the items scattered around the area (some are yours, some are hers) before the other does. While usually nothing is at stake besides a few rupees or bombs, there is a chance that Maple will drop a Piece of Heart when the two of you collide (she only drops one Piece of Heart in the game).

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