Majora's Mask Heart Pieces

In The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, there are 52 Heart Pieces giving you 13 extra hearts in total. You also get a heart container every time you beat one of the first four bosses.


[edit] Bank

If you keep depositing Rupees in the bank until you have 5,000 you will get a Heart Piece.

[edit] Barter with a Deku Scrub

Go to the Telescope, and watch a Deku Scrub fly down and drop into a hole. Go outside of the lab, and the Deku Scrub will offer you a Heart Piece for 150 rupees. Refuse this. Then he will give you the Heart Piece for only 100 Rupees.

[edit] Boat Ride Target Game

After defeating Odolwa, the water in the Swamp will be clean again! The boat ride will now be a Target Game! Hit the target at least 20 times to win the Heart Piece!

[edit] Clock Tower

After you give South Clock Town to the Deku Scrub, you can use the Deku Flower to fly to a Heart Piece on the Clock Tower's Deck.

[edit] Deku Palace Garden

Make your way to the Western side of the Garden while avoiding guards, and get the Heart Piece.

[edit] Deku Scrub Playground

In North Clock Town drop into the fenced off area. Collect all of the Rupees as you fly from Platform to Platform without touching the ground. You have to get the best time 3 days in a row to get the Heart Piece.

[edit] Dodongo Grotto

There is a hole in North Termia Field. Enter it, and destroy the Dodongos. After defeating them all, you will get a Heart Piece as your prize.

[edit] Don Gero and the Frogs

To collect the frogs you must show yourself in front of four of them while wearing Gero's Mask. There locations are:

  • Clock Town Laundry Pool
  • Water leading towards Deku Palace
  • Defeat the Snapper in the Woodfall Temple
  • Defeat Wart in the Great Bay Temple

Then go to the pond in the Mountains, and the frogs will sing and you will get your prize.

[edit] Fish in the Lab

Catch little fish and feed them to the 2 large fish in the Marine Research Lab. Eventually, one will grow bigger, eat the other, and give you a Heart Piece.

[edit] Grandma Story 1

Go to the first floor of the Stock Pot Inn on Day 1 or 2 between 6am and 6pm while wearing the All-Night Mask. Listen to "Carnival of Time" and answer "On the eve of the carnival" to receive a Heart Piece.

[edit] Grandma Story 2

Go to the first floor of the Stock Pot Inn on Day 1 or 2 between 6am and 6pm while wearing the All-Night Mask. Listen to "The Four Giants" and answer "I dunno" to receive a Heart Piece.

[edit] Graveyard

Go to the Graveyard, and wear the captains hat on the second night. Tell the Stalchildren to dig up graves so you can go underground. Use the Lens of Truth and navigate through the cavern and blow up the cracked wall. Defeat an Iron Knuckle and there will be a Heart Piece.

[edit] Great Bay Grotto

There is a boulder to blow up near the entrance to the Great Bay. Enter the Grotto that it uncovers and shoot the beehive. Go into the water, and watch out for the Bio Deku Baba, as you grab your prize.

[edit] Heart Piece Thief

Go to the cliff where you drop down to meet the beavers. There is a Like Like at the bottom that stole a Heart Piece. Use your bow and arrow to defeat him, and then dive in the water for the Heart Piece.

[edit] Honey & Darling's

Play a game there everyday, and get the highscore to get a Heart Piece.

[edit] Ikana Castle

Go to the roof of the castle. There is a switch on top of one of the pillars. Hit the switch with your bow and arrow and use the new Deku Flower to get a Heart Piece.

[edit] Jumping Game

After defeating Gyorg, ride the boat to the shore close to the Lab. Ride the boat then to fisherman's island, and use your hookshot to get onto it. When you play the game you need to jump from the main Island to the closest island with a torch on it.

[edit] Keaton

In North Clock Town, Milk Road, or the Mountain Village, cut down moving bushes while wearing the Keaton Mask, and you will summon Keaton. He will ask you random questions. All of the Questions and Answers are listed below.

What instrument does Skull Kid play? Flute
What time does Romani go to bed? 8 o'clock
What race is Darmani? Goron
What time does Romani wake up? 6 o'clock
What race is Mikau? Zora
How many balloons does Ramani use when practicing? 1
How many members are in The Indigo-Gos? 5
What weapon does Romani use when Practicing? Bow
What is the name of the singer of The Indigo-Gos? Lulu
What name does Romani give you? Grasshopper
What does the Bomb Shop Owner call his mother? Mommy
What song does Romani teach you? Epona's Song
How many mailboxes are in Clock Town? 5
How many cow figurines are in Clock Town? 10
How tall is the Festival Tower going to be once it is completed? 4 Stories
How many cows are at Romani's Ranch? 3
What is the name of the leader of The Bombers? Jim
How many cuccos are in the barn at Romani's Ranch? 1
What is the name of Anju's father? Tortus
Where does Cremia try to deliver her milk? The Milk Bar
What is Anju bad at doing? Cooking
How old is Tingle? 35
What is Anju's bad habit? Quick to Apologize
What are Tingle's magic words that he created? Kooloo-Limpah!
What is the name of the Inn in Clock Town? Stock Pot Inn
Is Tingle left or right handed? Right
What is the name of the Vintage Milk in the Milk Bar? Chateau Romani
What color are Tingle's trunks? Red
What is the Mayor of Clock Town's name? Dotour
What is the name of the Festival in Clock Town? Carnival of Time

[edit] Land Deeds 1

After you get the Land Dead from Clock Town's Deku Scrub, let the fun begin! Trade that title deed for the one in the Southern Swamp. You the flower to fly to the nearby building to get your first Heart Piece!

[edit] Land Deeds 2

Trade the Swamp Title deed for the Mountain Title Deed. There is a nearby ledge that you can use this flower to fly to.

[edit] Land Deeds 3

Trade the Mountain Title Deed for the Ocean Title Deed. This scrub is kind of hard to spot, since he is in Lulu's dressing room. Use the flower to fly to the deck to get a Heart Piece.

[edit] Land Deeds 4

Trade the Ocean Title deed for the title deed you can get near Sakon's Hideout. Fly across the chasm for your final Heart Piece.

[edit] Larger Gossip Stones

There is a grotto by each of the right of the 4 main areas besides Clock Town. You have to be either a Deku Scrub, Zora, or a Goron. Depending on who you are you must play a song in every grotto to get a Heart Piece. The larger Gossip Stone will change a color depending on who you are. Here are the songs you can play:

Deku Scrub~Sonata of Awakening
Zora~New Wave Bossa Nova
Goron~Goron Lullaby

[edit] Locked Up Heart Piece

Go to the upstairs of the Pirates' Fortress, and break the barrels as a Goron. Then hit the switch. The switch opens the caged door to the Heart Piece for a short time, so put on your Bunny Hood and go get it!

[edit] Man in the Bathroom

Sneak into the hotel at midnight. To do this hover or have a room key. Go to the restroom, which is the room beneath the stairs. There will be a the hand of the person living in the toilet. Give it a letter or title deed to receive a heart piece.

[edit] Mayor

If you wear the couple's mask and talk to the mayor in East Clock Town on Day 1 or 2 between 10am and 8pm, or on Day 3 between 10am and 6pm, you will receive a Heart Piece.

[edit] Moon: Deku Scrub

Make your way to the far right corner of this area, and grab the Heart Piece.

[edit] Moon: Goron

Go to the back left corner while making your way at full speed through the mini-dungeon.

[edit] Moon: Link

Fight enemies and hit all of the switches to get the Heart Piece.

[edit] Moon: Zora

There are a bunch of tunnels here. Swim through them in this order:


Then snatch the Heart Piece at the end of the tunnels.

[edit] Mountain Scarecrow

Teach the first scarecrow an original song and then head to the mountains. Look around with the Lens of Truth in the area right before the Strong Winds. Cross the platforms and hookshot to the scarecrow for a Heart Piece.

[edit] North Clock Town

As Link, go to North Clock Town. Use the pillars to jump to a tree with a Heart Piece on it.

[edit] Northern Mountains Water

In the Springtime, go to the Northern Moutains, and dive into the water as a Zora to find a Heart Piece.

[edit] Ocean Scarecrow

Go to the shore near the Great Bay jumping game, and use the hookshot to get to the pillar on the cliff. Plant magic beans in the soft soil, find some means of watering them, and then ride the plant. Use the scarecrow's song to get a scarecrow to appear across the gap. Hookshot over to him and talk to him for a Heart Piece.

[edit] Ocean Spiders

Go to the Spider House at the Ocean while wearing the Captain's Hat. Talk to the Stalchildren and get clues from them to which mask you hit first, second, and so on.

[edit] Pea Hat

Go to the entrance of the Grotto, and you will see butterflies. Drop into an unseen hole, that is covered by tall grass, to fight a Pea Hat. Fire arrows at its underside, and you will eventually defeat it and win a Heart Piece.

[edit] Photograph

Take a full body shot of Tingle or the Deku King, and bring it to the man at the Swamp Tourist Information area. He just happens to be Tingle's dad, and is willing to give you a Heart Piece.

[edit] Pinnacle Rock Attack

If you take a picture of a Pirate and give it to the person in the Fisherman's Hut, you will get a sea horse. Put it in a bottle and release it at the entrance of Pinnacle Rock. Destroy the enemies, and rescue the Sea Horse for a Heart Piece.

[edit] Poe Defeating Game

Go to the Ghost Hut also known as the Spirit House and defeat the 4 Poes within the time limit, while keeping your health above 3 hearts to get a Heart Piece.

[edit] Post Office Game

Go to the Post Office between 6pm and Midnight to play a game. You must hit the A button after exactly 10 seconds have passed. Use the Bunny Hood to see the timer.

[edit] Postbox

If you have the Postman's Hat, wear it, and check a Postbox to receive a Heart Piece.

[edit] Puppy Race

There is a racetrack for Dogs at the Romani Ranch. If you bet on the dogs so that you get at least 150 rupees as your prize, you will get a Heart Piece. To find out which dog is the best, put on the Mask of Truth, and talk to them. The best dog tends to start his sentences with "Ruff!".

[edit] Racing Beavers

After getting their bottle, race the older brother and win in 1 minute and 50 seconds or less to get a Heart Piece.

[edit] Rosa Sisters

On the night of Day 1 or the morning of Day 2, between 6pm and 6am, use the Kamaro's Mask in front of the Rosa Sisters to receive a Heart Piece.

[edit] Shooting Gallery

Play the Octorok Sharp-Shooting game, and get a perfect score of 50 to get a Heart Piece.

[edit] Shrine

There is a shrine behind the waterfall east of the Ikana Canyon. Dive left into the water at the Octorok dock. Go into the cave and go behind the waterfall. Shoot a Light Arrow at the Sun Emblem, and then destroy all of the enemies.

[edit] Sword Training

Go to the Training Center in West Clock Town, and test your skills in the Expert Course for 10 rupees. If you get a perfect score you will receive the Heart Piece.

[edit] Targets in the Swamp

Shoot every target and get a perfect score two times to get a piece of heart.

[edit] Treasue Chest Shop

If you win the game as Darami, your reward will be a Heart Piece.

[edit] Tree in the Swamp

As you are on the road leading to the swamp, there will be a gnarled tree. A Heart Piece is at the top, along with some bats.

[edit] Woodfall Heart Piece

Right when you enter from the Southern Swamp, a Heart Piece will be on the left on a small island. Use the planks, and the powers of the Deku Mask to get there.

[edit] Zora Band

Use the hookshot to get to Mikau's dressing room. Read his diary to learns his new "Riffs". Enter Japas' room and pull out your guitar as a Zora. Japas will play the first part of the song and then you finish it. Then play the song to Evan as anyon but the Zora. Here are the notes:


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