Lost Woods

The Lost Woods is a maze of hollow log tunnels that connect to various locations throughout Hyrule. It's accessible through the Kokiri Forest in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Creatures that inhabit it include Deku Scrubs and Skull Kids. When a wrong turn is taken, you will automatically be forced to start again, either from the beginning or at a random point, making it live up to its name, the Lost Woods.

In the Original Zelda, a specific path had to be taken to leave the woods, but most gamers got lost AFTER completing the woods as it would usually take them several dungeons too far. The Lost Woods weren't so lost in a Link to the Past however, but instead housed several fake swords, with only one being real.

Majora's Mask had a similar location called the Woods of Mystery, although it wasn't quite as exciting or busy as the Lost Woods. And there was yet another in Link's Awakening.

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