Full Name Link
First Game Appearance The Legend of Zelda
Latest Game Apearance The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
Skills/Powers Triforce of Courage

Link is the main protagonist from The Legend of Zelda series. He is usually described as a young Hylian boy from the land of Hyrule. His age varies each game; usually from pre-teen to the late teens. In most games, Link journeys through Hyrule defeating evil forces (usually Ganon), in order to save Princess Zelda.

Link in The Legend of Zelda

[edit] The Legend of Zelda

The main character throughout the game, as well as every Legend of Zelda game. He wears green, but later gets red and blue clothing, and he's not much of a talker. He speaks the ancient language of Hylian.

Link in the Adventure of Link

[edit] Adventure of Link

16 year old Link is a young man from Hyrule who noticed some strange markings on his hand one day. It is known as the Triforce, its the shape of three triangles piled on top of each other. Not wanting to take any chances, he went to the castle to speak to Impa who tells him that it is his destiny to awaken Princess Zelda and save Hyrule from a terrible evil.

Link in A Link to the Past

[edit] A Link to the Past

The main character of the game. The Legendary Hero of the blood of the ancient Hyrule Knights, 18 year old Link is drawn into his quest when he is awakened by a telepathic plea for help from Princess Zelda. Link sets off in the night to free the princess from the wizard Agahnim's clutches, and the adventure begins...

Link in Link's Awakening

[edit] Link's Awakening

The hero of Link's Awakening. Link washes up on the mysterious Koholint Island and is taken in by Marin and Tarin. He is later assigned the difficult task of waking the Wind Fish in order to get back home to Hyrule.

Young Link in Ocarina of Time

[edit] Ocarina of Time

[edit] Young Link

Link is about 10 years old. This young hero is the only one in Kokiri Village without a fairy in the beginning of the game. He is a great warrior and will do whatever it takes to save Hyrule and Princess Zelda. He uses items such as the Boomerang and Slingshot.

Adult Link in Ocarina of Time

[edit] Adult Link

Link is now 17 years old.This version of Link is seven years older than his younger self. This Link can wield the Master Sword and Biggoron Sword aswell as items such as the hookshot and bow. He also gains the ability to travel through time to go back to Young Link. In his Adult form he has to go help the three different races. Then when he finishes the dungeon the next element sage is reveled.

Fierce Deity Link In Majoras Mask

[edit] Majora's Mask

10 year old Link starts out as Young Link from Ocarina of Time in Majora's Mask, but as he collects the transformation masks along his journey, he gains the ability to take form of a deku scrub, a goron, and a zora, each mask giving him a different ability required to progress through the game. Though not required, Link can also get the Fierce Deity's Mask, which will give him a god-like form that can only be used during boss battles. Interestingly, Fierce Deity Link has the same voice as Adult Link from Ocarina of Time and their appearances are quite similar

Link in Oracle of Seasons

[edit] Oracle of Seasons

Some time after the events of A Link to The Past. Link ventures into Hyrule Castle and into the chamber of the Triforce in the Hidden Golden Land. The Triforce sends Link on a mission in a far off land known as Holodrum. There, he was discovered by a dancer of a large circus group named Din. As Link comes to and meets Din, terror comes in the form of a being named Onox who discovers Din and captures her. Onox's goal is to have life in Holodrum wither and make it ripe to form his own dark kingdom, he does this by encasing Din in a crystal and make the symbol of beauty in Holodrum: The Temple of Seasons plunge into the depths. With the season of Holodrum in disarray, Link must rescue Din and put Holodrum's season back in order. During his quest, Link also stumbles on a strange robbed being known as a Subrosian which inhabit the underworldly land of Subrosia which the Temple of Seasons fell into. As Link reached the Temple of Seasons, he was bestowed with the magical item called the Rod Of Seasons which gives Link the ability to control the seasons in Holodrum. After obtaining the 8 Essences of Nature for Holodrum's Maku Tree, he was given the Berry of Seasons which allows Link to wane the evil powers of Onox's Palace and enter it. There, he encounters Onox and the 2 fight with Link emerging victorious. Link was thanked by Din and Impa for saving Holodrum and the life in the kingdom.

But what Link doesn't know is that Onox is actually a pawn in a more sinister plan to resurrect the former holder of the Triforce: Ganon.

Link in Oracle of Ages

[edit] Oracle of Ages

Some time after the events of A Link to The Past and Link approached Hyrule Castle and into the chamber of the Triforce in the Hidden Golden Land. The Triforce sent Link on a mission in a far away land known as Labrynna, where he meets Impa who seems to be in trouble, Link uses the Triforce mark on his hand to ware off Impa's attackers. Impa then asks Link to take her to see the Oracle of Ages: Nayru, there Link hears Nayru sing and he also meets Nayru's friend: Ralph. All the while Impa seems to act strange, she is in fact being possessed by the Queen of Shadows: Veran. Her goal is to Possess the body of Nayru and to use her abilities to go back in time to re-arrange the events of Labrynna so she can create an Era of Sorrow for Labrynna. As Veran takes over Nayru's body and proceeds with her plan, Link begins his won quest to make sure Veran's dark ambitions are not realized. As he meets Labrynna's Maku Tree it disappears before his eyes. Link then travels to Labrynna 400 years into the past. There he saves the Maku Tree and goes back to the present. Link is then told that Veran has also traveled 400 years into Labrynna's past, where the Legendary Queen of Labrynna named Ambi is fast at work on her own watch tower called Ambi's Tower (or the Black Tower by the citizens of Lynna Village). Knowing that Veran could be using this Tower for her own ends, Link knows that Veran must be stopped. Upon returning to the present, Link goes to Nayru's house and there he discover's Nayru's keepsake: The Harp of Ages which alloows whoever plays it to travel back and forth through time. During Link's quest to right the wrongs of Labrynna's history. He gets word from Ralph that Queen Ambi has left her palace, both Ralph and Link infiltrate Ambi's palace in order to save Nayru from Veran, after a fight with the possessed Nayru, Veran has left Nayru;s body but then inhabits Ambi's body instead. As Ambi' watch tower has been completed, Link receives the Berry of Ages after obtaining 8 Essences of Time, he then ventures to the tower in hopes to stop Veran's plans. He fights Veran and wins against her. He was thanked by Nayru, Impa, Raplh and even Ambi for saving Labrynna.

What Link doesn't know is that Veran is a pawn in a more sinister plan to ressurect the former holder of the Triforce: Ganon.

Link in the Wind Waker

[edit] Wind Waker

About 13 years old, The boy who is destined to save Hyrule. He is a natural with a blade, and can easily adapt to any situation. He is very inventive, often figuring out clever ways to use his items in order to solve puzzles and defeat enemies. All he wanted was his sister back, but Link is in for a longer journey than he bargained for. It is revealed in the second quest, when translating Jabun's ancient Hylian that Link is not actually related to the Hero of Time, despite this he was still able to wield the Triforce of Courage.

Link in the Minish Cap

[edit] Minish Cap

Link is a small boy living just outside of Hyrule Town with his grandfather and mentor, the Master Smith. Link is an old friend of Princess Zelda, and awakes early one morning to find her eager to invite him to the annual Picori Festival. When things go bad at the festival, Zelda gets turned into stone by the evil sorcerer Vaati, Link has to embark on a dangerous quest to restore the Princess to her former self, and save Hyrule from the threat of the evil sorcerer, Vaati.

Link in Twilight Princess

[edit] Twilight Princess

About 18 years old, Link is the hero of Twilight Princess. He is a Hylian who lives in Ordon Village, where he works as a farmhand and is considered the hero among the children of the village. After he is imprisoned in Twilight Hyrule, he is coerced by Midna into helping her retrieve the Fused Shadows, a quest which eventually becomes a mission to save Hyrule and the Twilight Realm

Link in Phantom Hourglass

[edit] Phantom Hourglass

Continuing from the cell-shaded adventure of Wind Waker. About 13 years old, Link at the start of this game is traveling on Tetras(Zelda) Ship with her crew mates but they come across a haunted ship. As they prepare too board it Tetra gets pulled into the ship and Link trys too be a hero by jumping for her,Link gets washed up upon the shores of Mercay Island. He then goes on to traveling with Linebeck and Ciela, in order to save Tetra from the clutches of Bellum.

Link in Spirit Tracks

[edit] Spirit Tracks

A humble Apprentice Train Engineer on his way to Hyrule Castle to be appointed a Royal Train Engineer, by none other than Princess Zelda herself. During the ceremony, Zelda slips 12 year old Link a note asking him to meet her in her room after the ceremony is over. During their meeting, Zelda reveals the Spirit Tracks are mysteriously vanishing, and evil is beginning to seep back into the world. She then asks him to accompany her to the Spirit Tower, to sort out what has been happening.

After a brief incident at the tower with the game's main antagonist, Chancellor Cole, Link finds himself in a race to stop Chancellor Cole from releasing the Demon King while trying to reunite Princess Zelda's spirit with her body.

[edit] Skyward Sword

Link in Skyward Sword

Several Thousand years after the legendary goddess Hylia sealed away the evil demon Demise. The Human race was sent away in the heavens, safe from the evil that besieged the land. Link, about 17 years old, who is a student at the Knight Acadamy in the skyward town of Skyloft was supposed to participate in a Loftwing race during the Wing Ceremony, only to find out that another student at the Acadamy Groose was playing tricks on him again as he locked away Link's own Loftwing. After Link (with the aid of Zelda) found his Loftwing, he participated in the Loftwing race at the Wing Ceremony. Link won the race and was able to participate in Zelda's Ceremony to the goddess Hylia. As he and Zelda were on their Loftwings, a giant tornado came through from out of nowhere and captured Zelda. Link must venutre to the dangerous land below in order to find her. Link was then discovered by a mysterious being going by the name of Fi who lead Link into a mysterious place with a sword. Link takes out the sword and ventures with Fi through Skyloft. Link then was given the clothes of a Skyloft Knight (which change color annually, and this year the color is green). Link ventures to the dangerous lands below in search for Zelda. After venturing through the provinces of Faron, Eldin and Lanayru, he found Zelda at an old temple. He and Zelda then venutred back to the Sealed Grounds in the Faron Province and discovered that Zelda is the decendant of the goddess Hylia and must venutre into the past and slumber for several thousand years. In the emantime, Link embarks on his own adventure to embrace the destiny of being the legendary hero by not only passing the trials of a hero but to empower the Goddess Sword with the 3 sacred flames. By discovering the 3 sacred flames and with Zelda's own newfound powers, the goddess sword turns into the Master Sword which will have the power to smite evil. As Demise escapes from his confinements of his seal put on him by Hylia, Link (3 times) re-seals Demise. Link then re-ventures through Skyloft and into a sacred palace on the outskirts of town to assemble the Triforce. Once he assembles the Triforce, he discovers that the sealed grounds was the legendary sacred temple and in turn eliminates Demise once and for all. But all was not well, Link discovers that Demise must be eliminated in the past top ensure the survival of the land. He fights Demise's henchman Ghirahnim and Demise himself. After a long, hard battle. Link defeats Demise ans seals his powers into the Master Sword. As Link returns the Master sword to the pedastal in the past, he returns to the present and discovers that demise is now gone completely. Now the residents of Skyloft can leave the confinments of the heavens and start a new life on the land.

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