[edit] Linebeck

Linebeck is one of the main characters in The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. In Phantom Hourglass, Linebeck is the captain of his own ship, S. S. Linebeck. With this, he is able accompany Link on his adventure. Link uses the ship to travel throughout the game.

[edit] Linebeck's personality

Most people in the game think Linebeck is a brave adventurer and have an admiration for Linebeck, but Linebeck's character is seen by Link and Ciela, Link's fairy, as a coward, a coward who runs away from trouble and hides in his boat instead of helping Link.

[edit] Jolene

Jolene is a crazy pirate, who travels across the seas in order to gain revenge on Linebeck. During the game, she finds S. S. Linebeck and immediately attacks it and ambushes it. She fights Link demanding to know where Linebeck is. Linebeck hides in a crate when they fight, and when she leaves Linebeck always rewards Link for his efforts. Then later in the game, Linebeck tells Link how he and Jolene met. Once, Linebeck had accidentally rescued Jolene from a monster. Because of this, he and Jolene became friends and started to sail together, until Linebeck stole some of her treasure and run off. This is why Jolene started to seek revenge. After the final match, she says that Link has eyes like the man who captivated her, and she told Linebeck to take notes. This hints that Jolene has an emotional attachment to Linebeck.

[edit] Early In The Game

Early in the game, Link meets Linebeck in The Temple Of The Ocean King, which is on Mercay Island. Oshus, the old man who lives on Mercay Island, first tells Link to go meet Linebeck at the Mercay Island port. Link goes to the port to find out that Linebeck's ship, S. S. Linebeck, is docked there, but there is no Linebeck. Link then goes to the Milk Bar to look for him, but when he enters he discovers that Linebeck has gone to the Ocean Temple to gain treasure.

So then Link heads towards to the Ocean Temple, to find Linebeck, trapped. Linebeck begs for Link to help him, claiming that he hurt his ankle and couldn't escape. When Link rescues Linebeck, he ran off, telling Link to go find the chart that Linebeck was originally looking for. Link does this, and eventually Link and Linebeck agreed to help eachother. Linebeck helping Link rescue Tetra, and Link helping Linebeck find treasure.

[edit] Late In The Game

Late in the game, after Linebeck found out there was no treasure on the Ghost Ship, Linebeck did not wish for Link to use his ship anymore. Oshus, who is revealed to be the Ocean King, tells Linebeck that he will grant Linebeck one wish if he continues to help Link. Linebeck considered that he would be able to wish for great amounts of treasure, so he decides to continue to help link.

Closing into the end of the game, S. S. Linebeck sinks, and Linebeck and Link climb onto the Ghost Ship. Link gets captured by Bellum, the main villain of the game. Link drops the Phantom Sword, and terrified, Linebeck picks it up and stabs Bellum, freeing Link. However, Bellum then attacks Linebeck and possesses him, turning him into a Phantom Knight. Link fights this Phantom, and triumphs, freeing Linebeck.

At the very end of the game, Oshus asks Linebeck for his wish. Instead of treasure, he wished for his sunken S. S. Linebeck to be fixed. His wish was granted. The final scene of the game is Linebeck in his boat.

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