Light Tower

Light Tower
First Game Appearance The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
Situ Skyloft

The Light Tower is a location currently exclusive to Skyward Sword. It is used to gain access to the Thunderhead.

[edit] The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Located at the Plaza in Skyloft, the Light Tower is an ancient structure of unknown purpose. The way to activate it is hidden in the lyrics of the Ballad of the Goddess song. Looking for help to find his way into the Thunderhead, Link comes to ask Gaepora at the Knight Academy. Reciting the lyrics, he makes mention of two whirling sails.

This hint relates to two windmills situated nearby the Light Tower. One is located next to the Bazaar and can be activated by blowing the Windmill Propeller with the Gust Bellows. The second windmill on the other side of Skyloft, however, is broken due to missing its propeller. Link is joined by Jakamar as he approaches it, who then goes on to explain about the lost propeller and to talk to Gondo in retrieving it from beneath the Cloud Barrier.

By bringing Gondo the required Ancient Flower, he can repair his Ancient Robot called Scrapper. Scrapper can then be used to retrieve the fallen propeller from Eldin Volcano. Once fixed by Jakamar, the windmill can be moved in the same manner as the last.

Once the two windmills have been moved to point toward the Light Tower it will activate and change design. Upon climbing it, Link can use the Goddess's Harp to play the Ballad of the Goddess which causes the tower to project a beam of light toward the Thunderhead, making a small opening for Link to fly through on his Loftwing.

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