Kinstones are collectible items found in The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap. After meeting a mysterious man in Hyrule Castle Town who hands him the Kinstone Bag, Link can begin collecting his own Kinstones, which he can then fuse with other individuals who are also seeking fortune. The reward for completing a fusion changes depending on the type of Kinstone used, though it is always a good thing, such as the sudden appearance of a Treasure Chest, or even a new path for him to explore.

There are four types of Kinstones:

Green Kinstones

  • By far the most common type of Kinstone, Green Kinstones can be obtained by defeating monsters, who will occasionally drop them, cutting grass and bushes, or by digging.

Blue Kinstones

  • Although they aren't as obtained as their green counterparts, Blue Kinstones can be acquired in much of the same ways. Unlike Green Kinstones, they are most notably used to fuse with the "Mysterious Walls" that are hidden in caves scattered across Hyrule.

Red Kinstones

  • The rarest variety of Kinstone, Red Kinstones can only be purchased or obtained from treasure chests. Hunting for them is worth the effort though, as successful fusions tend to result in much more gratifying rewards, such as a Piece of Heart or a large sum of Rupees.

Gold Kinstones

  • These shimmering fragments cannot be found or purchased. Instead, they play a role in the game's story, and must be used to progress further in the game. They are the only type of Kinstone that cannot be fused with another living character.

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