A Kikwi creature
First Appearance Skyward Sword
Territory Faron Woods
Important Members Machi

The Kikwi are a species introduced in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. They are introduced early into the game, first being seen in their homeland of Faron Woods. They resemble kiwis in terms of physical appearance, hence their name.

They are introduced early into the game, when Link first enters the Faron Woods. A Kikwi named Machi is being attacked by two Red Bokoblins. After Link defeats the Bokoblins, he must chase down Kikwi using dowsing to earn his trust, and learn information of the Kikwi elder, Bucha.

According to Fi, most Kikwi give off almost the same dowsing aura as Zelda, possibly due to their interaction with her before Link meets up. When dowsing for Zelda, it is possible that you could instead get a member of the Kikwi species.

[edit] Personality

Kikwi's are very timid creatures possibly due to their small size and inability to fight others. When The Surface is corrupted with Red Bokoblins, among other creatures, the Kikwis are the first innocent creatures discovered. When you first encounter this creature, it is Machi, a Kikwi in fear of the Red Bokoblins. As you approach, Machi will run in fear from you, too, until you prove you're not its enemy. Once befriended, Kikwis are very innocent, nice creatures that serve as directional guides in Faron Woods (Skyward Sword).

[edit] Known Kikwis

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